Creamy and Sweet Broccoli Salad

Here’s the recipe courtesy of Healthful Pursuit – a site I found after Tones’ sister sent me a link for “free-from” recipes after all my ranting about wheat, dairy and such things.

Broccoli Salad

On first taste, this was OK… Edible but not necessarily worth doing again especially since  we’d bought 2kg worth of broccoli to make this dish (that’s like $10 to the rest of you).  We used normal pig bacon instead of beef bacon because I really didn’t know where to find beef bacon and had never heard of it until this recipe.

However, the next day, this was DELICIOUS!!  Not sure if it’s because there was more dressing to salad ratio or if somehow overnight the salt in the sundried tomatoes and bacon had seeped into the broccoli but whatever it was, it tasted really good and was quite moreish!  Shame we’d only left ourselves so little the next day!

Our left over salad

It’s worth giving a go and definitely one way to make your broccoli more interesting!  Plus you can eat LOTS of it and still feel healthy (even if it does have bacon in it)!


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