Maple Balsamic Dijon Salad

Here’s the recipe.  Another courtesy of Healthful Pursuit.

This one was a bit of a “mind f*ck” for me… sorry to use this language however, we’re Aussies and I suppose you’ll be used to it by now!!  Ha ha!

I realised after watching Masterchef Australia, how numb Aussies actually are to swear words… so much so that the word “sh!t” was not edited out or bleeped over when people said it on the show and nor was the word “a$$” when it was used to describe the size of a dish they had to prepare “that’s a big a$$ dessert”.

Anyway – back to the salad… strawberries, chickpeas, kalamata olives and carrots with a salad dressing that tastes like the sauce made for the man pleasing chicken…..

Like I said… total mind f*ck.   It took a while to get used to and then it started tasting OK.  It didn’t get me thinking I’ll make it again tomorrow, but it wasn’t all that bad.


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