Chicken and Prawn Laksa – Tony’s Genius Mistakes

We decided to make Chicken and Prawn Laksa again and this time Tony cooked it instead of me.

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret….. EVERY time Tony cooks a dish he knows, it comes out REALLY good.  He just gets on with cooking and he gets really excited about how yummy the meal is going to be.

However, EVERY time he cooks by recipe you will always hear this from him: “Oh F*ck!!”

Shortly followed by one or more of:

a) “I forgot to buy some (name of ingredient)” and you can hear this between 1-3 times during his cooking.

b) “I forgot to put in the (name of ingredient)” and you can hear this at least once every time he cooks by recipe.

c) “I put tablespoons instead of teaspoons… I thought it said tablespoons!”  How he doesn’t figure this out after all these years still astounds me but you will hear this a number of times when he’s using a recipe.

There’s more… but you catch the drift right?

I swear he does it EVERY time.  It’s like he just doesn’t know how to read a recipe, doesn’t learn from past mistakes or reads it, thinks he knows it off by heart and goes and does whatever he thinks it said…. and most of the time…. he’s mixed it all up in his head.

OK so it’s not all that bad, we end up eating edible meals and some of them great – I just like to pay him out about it because it happens so much plus we don’t know if it tastes better or worse than what it was supposed to so it’s not easy to replicate.

So when he cooked the Chicken and Prawn Laksa… of course I heard “Oh F*ck!!”

He’d put TOO MUCH Blachan.  The recipe said 2 tsp and he put in 2tbsp…. as you do… NOT! 2 tablespoons of blachan with 1L prawn stock?  I don’t think so!

So when he tasted it.. it was VERY salty.  SO salty that without thinking his immediate reaction was to gag and then add another litre and a half  or so (not measuring just pouring whatever was in the water filter jug) of water right into the pot!

Great Tones… you just washed out the prawn stock and coconut milk combo…. I come to help him… tasting the soup I say “ummm I think you need to add coconut milk….”

“Oh F*ck!!!”  This time… it’s because he’d only bought one can thinking that’s all we needed… we had no other coconut milk to add and the soup was now tasting super watery and still really salty.

Lucky for him, his brain was working and he decided to use the coconut cream we had left in the fridge.  I slowly shaved off bits of coconut cream and added the shavings to the soup, tasted and repeated until the soup got to a taste we were both happy with (I don’t know why I was tasting… my nose was blocked but whatever I tasted was good and I asked Tones to do a double check just to make sure!)

The result??  ONE BLOODY TASTY LAKSA!  It was MUCH better than the one I made previously.  It was just richer in flavour all round.  Creamy, chilli, salty, prawny, fresh, gritty… everything you want a laksa to be!

Best Laksa Ever!

So… the recipe you’ll get here and the tweaks are as follows:

1. add 1 extra lemongrass

2. put in 2 tbsp blachan instead of 2tsp

3. add in 1-2 extra chilli (to your chilli liking)

4. make 2.5 litres prawn stock (instead of 1L)

5. put in 1 can of coconut milk and gradually add in shavings of coconut cream until you like the taste (we ended up adding approx 65g)!

6. use 2 different types of noodles (we used both egg noodles and rice vermicelli which provided 2 different textures)

Sounds like we changed the whole recipe (or Tony made MANY genius mistakes which combined into the Ultimate Laksa!)  Hmmm…. perhaps this is one of those milestones we need to acknowledge!  We just made our own Laksa Recipe!  Whoot!!  Thank you for the basics Rick Stein!

Chilli, Coconut, Chicken, Prawns, 2 types of noodles, lots of fresh greens… What’s not to love??  You will DEFINITELY enjoy this one…. We’ll be cooking it again FOR SURE!!!


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