Bikram Yoga: Why do I smell like food?

Before you get all excited… no, I haven’t yet started going back to Bikram… I went the other day and I nearly died plus I spent the next day unable to clear my throat.  Give me a couple more days and I’ll be all good and posting some “current” thoughts on Bikram.  I can’t believe it’s taken this long to actually get over a “cold”…. pffft!  And the sun’s out and it’s stopped raining… maybe I’m just allergic to rain??

In the meantime, here’s an observation in the last month or so of going…

When I first started going to Bikram Yoga, I noticed certain smells around me when I was standing next to certain people.  For example, I’d smell curry.

I’ve also stood next to some people and smelt alcohol and of course there’s a certain BO (Gorilla Pheromones) smell which you eventually learn to just ignore.  There was only one time that I’d stood next to someone and smelled something nice (she smelled like baby powder!).  All other times, it’s just the pungent stench of sweat from previous yogis and the stink of the mats mixed with whoever’s next to me’s smell.

About a month or so ago, I started smelling food and thinking, what is that smell?  Is it roast lamb?  Chicken?  Fried something?  and realised it was me!!  At first I thought that we cook so much, all the food smells had permeated our clothes which hang in the same space we cook (sometimes)!  But after ensuring that the hanging clothes are always behind closed doors, in the other room, the smell I keep smelling hasn’t gone away.  It’s still there, it’s just as strong.

Every time I go to yoga now all I smell is my cooking (the same smell you smell on your clothes when you’ve been sitting in a restaurant where they cook food in front of you eg. tepanyaki, korean bbq etc)!

You’d think that after all that exercise and water drinking that eventually the food smells would just go away.   But it doesn’t… and it’s not on my towel or my clothes… it’s coming out of my skin!!!  Why do I smell like food??  You are what you eat?!?!

More interestingly, I wonder what I smell like to other people… so disgusting.  I now wonder if this is what I smell like all the time?  If so, I stink and I now formally apologise to anybody who has to do yoga next to me!!!


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