Best way to stop a cold.. Naturally!

Here it is…. I am releasing to you my arsenal of how to stop a cold naturally.  Why?  Because I’ve been sick, just had a relapse (because I was out in the cold AGAIN) and just had to go through this process twice over so I thought I’d share it with those who want to know how to sort it out without a doctor or prescribed drugs/antibiotics.

Now if you read that and the question “hang on a second… you got sick twice??? Why would I want to do this because it obviously doesn’t work!”  Then I’m really glad you’re thinking!!!

The first time, I didn’t have everything in the arsenal to catch it soon enough and got sick for weeks!  The second time however, I caught it at the sore throat part, had everything I needed… and it hasn’t gotten worse than sore throat so…. there you have it – it works!!

If you wonder how I keep getting sick – both times there was a huge drop in temperature leaving me in the cold for a long time.. The first time I walked out of a hot yoga room into pouring rain, walked it for 45mins and decided to cook dinner straight away instead of drying off and getting myself warm when I got home.  Second time, it was a hot day and the sun went down leaving an extremely chilly night in comparison and my thin jacket wasn’t enough to keep me warm which meant I spent another 2-3 hours in the cold before I got home.  Damned London weather, you’d think I’d be used to it by now!

The thing with doing things naturally is that you have to sort it out before the infection spreads, otherwise it does take a bit for your body to sort it out without drugs because it needs time to figure out what antibodies to produce so keep that in mind – nip it in the bud or you’re in trouble!

So, here it is….

1.  Sore Throats

You know a cold’s coming on when you start sneezing or coughing and you feel the back of your throat all tingly.  If you don’t notice these, you will soon notice when your tonsils start hurting and eventually your throat will start feeling rough and sand-papery.

Here’s my suggested remedies:

1.  Manuka Honey – New Zealand Honey made from the Manuka flower which as antibacterial properties.  One spoonful of this eaten so that it slides down the back of your throat slowly will work wonders.  Some people will just stir this into hot water and drink it – I prefer taking it straight so it acts like a lozenge.

2. Lemon, Ginger + Honey Tea – not from a pack please… just peel and cut up some slices of fresh ginger into a teapot, squeeze in fresh lemon juice and pour hot water over it.  Then, pour yourself a cup of this tea and put honey (Manuka if you want) in your cup to taste.  This will definitely soothe the throat and ensure you take in lots of water!  It also helps to stop that crazy itchy-throat cough (the one you usually can’t stop and makes your eyes water).

3.  Vitamin C + Zinc supplements – just to support your immune system while it does its thing.

Doing all this at the beginning and usually will do the trick!  (Miss it and you get sick for a couple of weeks!  I had all of these on the very first day of sore throat the 2nd time around and pleased to say… so far, so good!)

2. Fever

If you do the above and still get a fever, this is a sign that you haven’t fought off the bug soon enough but the fever is good.  Just take it as a sign that your body is shutting you down while it fights the onslaught and invasion of bad bugs which are loving the soft, warm and moist environment of your respiratory system.

At this stage you’ll be getting chills and your body will start heating up.  No paracetamols necessary at this stage – you want to feel it so that you know when it’s gone.  Paracetamols will help you soldier on but you won’t be receptive to your body’s signals that you need to rest and this can make it slower for you to get rid of the cold in the long run.

All you have to do is get lots of SLEEP (as much as you need) and DRINK lots of WATER (minimum 2L in a day).  Have a hot shower to get your body warmed up.  Wear socks and a jumper to bed – your goal is to break the fever (ie get so hot that you start sweating and your body gets back to normal temperature).  Change your clothes after sweating and repeat this process until the fever stops (ie the aches and pains in your muscles and bones are gone and your temperature is back to normal).

EAT… I hate eating when I have a fever because nothing tastes like anything but it is necessary… so have some soup at least.  One of my favourite dishes to have when I’m sick and to make for Tones when he’s sick is Arroz Caldo.  It’s the Asian Chicken Soup!  I have to learn to make it regardless of whether or not someone’s sick otherwise, I’ll probably get sick just so I can eat it! 😉


3.  Coughing, Phlegm, Blocked or Runny Nose

This is the last part and is the sign that you’re on your way to recovery.  So your immune system fought most of it out with the fever, and now your body has to get rid of the rest in the form of snot and loogies.  Yay! Your goal is to just help your body let it all go.

1.  To ease the pain of the coughing on your throat- keep taking a tsp of Manuka honey now and then.

2.  Drink more water than you’ve ever drunk before.  If you don’t drink water, the colour of your phlegm and snot gets darker and darker (you know what I’m talking about.. yellow, green, brown) and the snot and phlegm are a lot thicker too!!  Your goal is to have CLEAR, runny snot and clear, runny phlegm.  Drinking more water helps with that!!  If you don’t like water – then have the ginger, lemon and honey tea.

It is important to note here that when people say drink fluids, it does NOT mean Fizzy Drinks, Coffee, Milk or Alcohol.  Avoid anything that will dehydrate you (like caffeine, sugary drinks and alcohol) or promote more phlegm (like milk and cream).  If in doubt, just drink water.

3.  Vitamin C and Zinc (to boost/support the immune system) while it does its thing.  And you can also try Garlic (for its natural antibiotic properties).

That’s pretty much it – the goal however is to stop it at sore throat.  Next time you get the sore throat – give that a shot and let me know how you go 🙂


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