Bikram Yoga meets Masterchef

A few months ago, I went to a Bikram Yoga class and saw this guy in the class, behind me and his face was just so familiar.  It took a while but I figured I recognised him from TV.

After class all I kept thinking was…. I swear to God he’s on Dragon’s Den…. yeah, he’s the Aussie dude on Dragon’s Den…. and then I forgot about it.

A few weeks later, I saw him again and I was thinking yes!  Definitely he’s on Dragon’s Den… but if you look at all the images on google of Dragon’s Den, he’s not in them.  But in saying that, I swear I’ve seen him on TV and I swear to God he’s Aussie.

I go to another class and he’s there again (no I’m not stalking him.. it’s coincidental and not every week ok!) and this time I chose a mat, sat there and he came in AFTER me and chose the mat next to me… so there!

After savasna he stretched and his arm hit me by accident… and all I’m thinking is OMG sweat!! Right after that I’m thinking OMG Dragon’s Den Dude just touched me… hopefully that means I’ll be wealthy!!

Anyway after this third time, I finally remember to tell Tones about it and ask him if he’s seen this guy… he says no.


THEN…. in all my Masterchef watching… guess who has a guest appearance on Masterchef Australia??  IT’S HIM!!!! IT’S Dragon’s Den Dude!!!!

Except now I realise he’s not on Dragon’s Den at ALL… He’s actually the Aussie judge on Masterchef UK!!!

Can you believe it??? I actually do Bikram Yoga with an Aussie living in London who’s the judge for Masterchef UK!!!  OK granted it’s the UK Masterchef and not the Australian one but that’s still like everything I blog about all rolled into one!!! Friggin’ AWESOME!!!

Who knew the two could ever combine?   But there you go!!  Anyway… Celebrity Chef doing Bikram Yoga… and that is why he’s not fat anymore… I thought he’d lost weight!  Now I know why!! 🙂


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