Ta-Maki Sushi

It was Tony’s Birthday last week 🙂

AND lucky for him it was part of the Great 2 day British Summer and it was a beautiful day.  So we went for a picnic in the evening after he came home from work.

Check out that brilliant clear blue sky and sunset at 9pm!  One thing we’ll definitely miss if and when we leave London are these huge parks (Commons).  Those dots in the background are actually people!

Tones’ Birthday Picnic

By the title of this post, you will know that we ate sushi for dinner but it wasn’t just any sushi!!

It was sushi we got for an online deal which worked out to be about half price from a place called Ta-Maki Sushi which actually does home delivery!  My first experience of home delivered sushi was in Paris.  At first I thought it was weird but then I figured, why can’t it be delivered like pizza or Chinese food?  It’s a great idea!  Turns out this place also does catering with the Sushi Chef at your party producing food then and there for your guests!

So we got this sushi delivered to our door and we carried it to the park for the picnic!  What a surprise when we opened it!!!  This is what we got!!

Sushi Platter

It looks so beautiful right???  And fresh!  The service was great too, their staff were very friendly (both the person taking the order and the person delivering it – he arrived 10 mins early).

So yummy!

Now Tony and I eat a LOT and we actually managed to finish this all but not in one sitting.  We got full at the park, walked back home and ate the rest at home so here’s a suggestion, you may want to share this platter with more than 2 people unless you’re really hungry!

Let me take you through what’s on the platter – is it making you salivate or what?  After this, we made sure we kept the menu so we can order from them again!!

Can’t get enough

From left to right we have:

Futomaki: large inside out vegetable roll wrapped with salmon (and cream cheese)

Cooked roll: King Prawn Tempura roll (with avocado and wasabi masago)

Nigiri: Salmon, Sea Bass, Tuna, Prawn and Grilled Eel (you could taste the vinegar in the rice.  It was a generous size of both rice and fish and the rice was moist and soft)

Inside Out Roll:  smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado  (this was particularly YUM and could be eaten as is ie. no need for soy sauce or wasabi – we’ll definitely order this again)

Inside Out Roll: mint, salmon, avocado (this compared to everything else was the let down of the whole platter.  It was alright but it wasn’t spectacular – mint and salmon just wasn’t for our palates)

Sashimi:  Tuna, Salmon, Prawn, Grilled Eel and Sea Bass

Garnish: cucumber and edamame

Scrum Diddly!

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