BT London Live 2012

For people who didn’t get tickets to the Olympics, there is an event at Hyde Park called BT London Live (also at Victoria Park).

We went to the Hyde Park one last weekend.  So we got to watch swimming.  If you were there this weekend you would have witnessed awesomeness – well done Team GB!

At BT London Live you will find lots of space to run around and many large screens to watch and cheer on your favourite Olympic athletes like these guys…

Our Podium Finish London 2012 Olympics 🙂

Tee Hee 😉

Things I didn’t like were that there were wood chips EVERYWHERE, there is no grass and wood chips are VERY uncomfortable to sit on even if you have a picnic mat, worse if you don’t (and many people didn’t). Story of the day….. see our mat?

Picnic on Woodchips

It’s very British! We bought it for Wimbledon and thought it would be good for a souvenir – memories of our days in London and cheering on Team GB (we went for the Aussies too but they haven’t performed very well this Olympics).  A couple of guys offered £20 to buy it off us as we were leaving because they didn’t have a picnic mat and wanted one.  Our conscience wouldn’t let us sell to drunk guys for that price, so we sold it to them for £10 🙂

My other gripes?  You’re not allowed to bring drinks (incl water) or food inside the premises but they will sell you burgers for £6.50, a kebab for £7.99 and a small hot chips for £3.00  from all the food stalls inside.

There are port-a-loos everywhere but they’re not that clean and they don’t have toilet paper so you’re screwed if you don’t have tissues (Tony says they’re actually pretty good compared to what you’d find at music festivals but obviously I’m just being a bit of a prissy princess – I just find port-a-loos disgusting in general).

Lastly, you are pretty much in the sun or in the rain or whatever the day brings but there is no shade or shelter (unless you count the Cadbury House or the BT House which are not enough for all the people that are there).

On the upside…. It’s great for a family day out.  We don’t have kids but I can see how the  kids would  have been occupied all day.

There’s “Have-a-go-sports” which allows big and little kids to have a go at whatever sport they’re playing on the day.  When we went it was basketball (you compete against “professional” London junior basketballers).

Cadbury House was a treat – we lined up for almost 2 hours (got free chocolate to say “thanks for waiting”) to get inside.

As an adult, there’s not much to do but for kids…  they would have been happily in Joyville forever.

There were games where you’d win chocolate, “silly” sports like getting timed to run through a ball pit and back, clicker championships (where kids clicked the clicker as fast as they could in 60 seconds and the person with the most clicks got a stamp on their forehead), find a Freddo Frog log…  and other things.

It’s called “Joyville” so for obvious reasons we had to go in.

The fun part for adults would be the free chocolate tasting and a chocolate medal 🙂

The main treat at BT London Live is the live music every day.  So if you get bored of watching the screens, you can go to the  main stage and see an interview with an Olympian.  We saw Torvill and Dean.

Or watch a live performance.  There are different performers each day.

We saw this guy, Newton Faulkner.

Newton Faulkner

This is the first I’ve seen or heard of him but huge thumbs up – here’s one of his songs that he got the crowd to sing along to.

One man and his guitar got the crowd engaged, singing and jumping – awesome 🙂  There’s just something about a happy, singing crowd that lifts ones spirits!

BT London Live is still on for as long as the Olympics are on so a few days to go and it’s free!


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