Bikram Yoga: not quite Wednesday

OK – so it’s Friday, 1.52am to be exact and I know I missed the regular Bikram Yoga Wednesday post so I’m doing a quick one now…. I have perfectly valid reasons…

a) I’ve been swapping from computer to computer plodding along while Tony fixes one and the other, synching my files along the way and today it’s been confirmed that all that synching has confused the synching tool and it’s wiped a whole lot of my files.  Searching for the missing files and dreading the possibility of having to redo a lot of work has kept me preoccupied.

b)  This week I got a last minute invitation to go to the Olympics to watch volleyball (women’s quarter finals)…. this was an entire day gone. The days are whizzing by!

c) I’ve been sick right?  So I had very legitimate reasons for staying home.  Well, I finally started going to yoga again but it was a good 2 weeks straight of not going or more and so getting back into it meant I needed to really force myself..   I missed it, but I also liked not having to go and sitting on the couch instead.  It’ll take time to get the groove back, hopefully back to rhythm again next week.

d) This week has been the bearer of not so good news.  Found out that a good family friend of mine’s son has got Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and it hit home how unfair life can be.  He’s only 3 or 4 years old!!  At the same time another person very close to me has called to say that they’re undergoing cancer treatment again (they were in remission) and this time it’s super aggressive – they’ve got Myeloma and even discussed rewriting their will in preparation.  I’ve basically just been numb about this, not sure how to feel really so I’m feeling nothing – whatever happens will happen.  There’s absolutely nothing I can do about it but to accept and be at peace with what comes.  All I can say is that my thoughts, love and any other positive energy I could possibly give, go out to both of you!

It’s these last things that seem to make all the other things insignificant and at the same time life goes on and so many others are having an awesome time on this earth right now.  It’s definitely a reminder to treasure everything we have, all the relationships, all the love we experience and just be grateful for being alive.

I may get upset about losing files on my computer but at least I’m alive and healthy enough to bitch and moan about it!  Even better still, if that’s all I’ve got to bitch and moan about, then I’ve got a great life!

Bikram Yoga or not, happy or not, this moment will never come again.  Thanks for sharing it with me.


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