Bikram Yoga: The W’s

When I thought about Bikram Yoga and my experience, I ended up with a list all starting with W’s, so that’s what I’ve named this blog on Bikram Yoga Wednesday!

The W’s pretty much sum up my whole Bikram Yoga experience.. so here they are…

  1. The Wrestle
  2. The Walk
  3. The Workout
  4. The Weight(loss)
  5. The Water
  6. The Washing

1.  The Wrestle

Should I go? I’m tired, maybe tomorrow…

I should go, but I’ve got so much work to do..

No, I really need to go…..  Do I really want to go?  But my back hurts…

And on and on it goes until I’m finally in the room (sometimes I even wrestle with my mind in the room!).  My mind will make up every excuse possible for me NOT to go or why I need to lie down instead of doing a pose.  The goal is to know when to listen and allow, and when to ignore and push on.

2.  The Walk

Now that we’ve seen the Olympics and watched Mr Bolt run 100m in less than the time it takes to do a T-Pose in yoga, I thought I’d specify the distance rather than the time it takes for me to walk to yoga.  I keep saying 30mins but really it’s 2.2km (1.3 miles) one way.

The walk is a necessary part of my Bikram Yoga experience for without it, I can’t get to the studio (no car, no direct public transport)!!

3.  The Workout

1.5 hours inside a hot and humid environment doing active stretching and compressing is definitely a workout!  I don’t know why people think yoga is easy or boring considering it works every muscle, joint and organ.

I used to think that if you break a sweat then you’re working really hard! Hahaha I sweat just sitting in the room.  In saying that, doing exercise when it’s hot is a workout not just for the body but for the mind as well!

4.  The Weight(loss)

Recently I saw a few people that started around the same time we first started going to Bikram (early March) and every single one of them has lost weight!!! They’re all MUCH slimmer and some are even sporting 6-packs.  Well done you!!!

I know that I too have lost weight. As a percentage of my overall original weight, I’ve lost 15% which to me is fantastic!

For those who don’t need to lose weight, don’t worry, you won’t 🙂  it has a strange way of balancing you out to your natural body shape and size – who knows, you might even gain some muscle!  Tony did!

5.  The Water

Water is our friend, it’s our life source.  We drink more than 3L of water each day and most likely sweat out the entire 3L during class.  An unbelievable amount of water passes through our system these days, I have even been able to squeeze the sweat out of my towel after class.

Tones told me he did a class where he sweat so much he was standing in puddles of water and his mat and towel were all squishy during the floor series!  LOL!!  I’m so glad I wasn’t there!

6.  The Washing

Unbelievable amounts of washing accumulates when you do this type of yoga.

Our washing machine is constantly full of sweaty towels, sweaty yoga clothes and now even sweaty clothes worn home from yoga.  We’re practically doing a load of washing every day!  We’ve never had to wash this much before – it’s crazy!

And there you have it, the W’s pretty much sum it up.  I guess that means I’ll have to think of something different to talk about next time! 😉


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