Profiteroles alla Tony

There’s no way you can lose weight with a sweet tooth in the house especially if you’re like me and you easily get food envy!

Look what Tony made!!  We were eating them for a week!!!

So the following was the first attempt.  We didn’t know if would work.  He made Raspberry Coulis for the outside and White Chocolate Mousse for the inside and we tested on the ugliest pastry of the lot.

It tasted OK but not quite right.  The mousse and coulis were better off separate to the pastry!

1st Attempt

As the week progressed, so did his profiteroles!   He made custard to put on the inside and left the white chocolate mousse outside.  It was better.

2nd attempt

Then he started getting schmancy and added fruit…

Added Fruit

Then I started getting schmancy and added mint..

Added Mint

Then I went a little overboard and added cracked black pepper… it was alright – you should try it some time!  It’s a very subtle change of flavour… nothing really, just makes it look peppery!


And then he made chocolate sauce (using cocoa powder!) and we ate them as normal – these were the yummiest.   All the components he made were awesome so I think we’ll have to get him to make them again as accompaniments for a cheesecake or something…   We’ll see what we come up with.  For now, we’ve had a little bit too much sugar and need a break!

We’ll post recipes when we get them all matching in one dessert!

Back to normal

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