Bikram Yoga: Wow! We’ve done over 80 classes!

The week has passed by so quickly don’t you think?  And guess what? I managed to go to yoga 6 times this week!!!  Even to me that’s pretty legendary.

I made a commitment to catch up from all my non-going while I was sick and also discovered an amazing thing!  Our yoga studio logs EVERY SINGLE TIME you clock in (you have to scan your card) and you can login to your account online and find out exactly when you went, what time, who your teacher was etc.

So upon this discovery, I just HAD TO work out how many classes we’ve been to, especially since I talk about it every Wednesday!

And you know what??

As of today, Tony’s been 83 times and I’ve been 81 times (counting from when we started this year 26 Feb 2012).  I am so proud of us and totally impressed!!!

Now to work out what to do to celebrate our 100th Class 🙂


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