Is it REALLY a crappy meal?

I know I’ve shown lots of different dishes that Tony and I cook and I know that it might look like:

a) we eat a lot (this is true)

b) we cook a lot (this is also true)

c) all our dishes look awesome (this… believe it or not is also true…. OK.. not really!)

Here are a couple of things we cooked which tasted OK but we probably won’t make again (without some tweaks).  Why show them to you?  To show you that there is balance!!!  It’s not all fantastic and you have to know that we cook really crappy meals too!  We acknowledge it’s crap and because we’ve grown up Asian, we still eat it regardless of how it tastes.  Do you want to know how I built my tolerance to gross flavours?

Did I ever tell you that my brother and I used to come home from school and were forced to drink the most disgusting banana milkshakes on the planet?  Needless to say, I am forever traumatised by this experience – the taste was HORRID and I would NEVER trust a milkshake made by mother…   If she ever offers you one.. DO NOT drink it!!

Every time bananas would go off in our household  (ie they’d be mushy, black and have fruit flies hovering all around them), my mum who REFUSED to WASTE ANYTHING would think she could disguise these disgusting things which were perfect for mulching, by turning them into milkshakes.

She would put these putrid, half fermenting brown on the inside, black on the outside (ie rotten) bananas into a blender with No Frills ice cream (whatever flavour was in the freezer at the time) and milk, call it a banana milkshake and make us drink them.   She never drank them herself… she always just made a whole heap of it and made us drink them.  Stupidly she’d say it was a treat (like I didn’t know!) and get upset if we left it in the fridge.

Did I mention she made us drink it? If we didn’t drink it of our own accord, she’d quite literally sit there and force it down our throats.  Apparently it was our fault… we had to drink it because we didn’t eat the bananas while they were fresh and it served us right for not eating the fruit in the first place and letting it rot….

Now that I’m an adult and reflecting back on this… the milkshake event happened MANY times so either we never learned the lesson and just weren’t eating fruit (though I did have one fruit every day during “Little Lunch”) or she frequently bought too many bananas and we suffered the consequences.  I’d say it was the latter, otherwise, she bought too many bananas on purpose just so she could make us those “treats”.

Why I didn’t just pour it down the toilet where it belonged (without having to go through my bowels first) I don’t know… I guess she’d guilted me enough with the speech about all the dying children in Ethiopia and I felt I really should’ve been grateful I even had food, even if it was rotten.

And since I got the Ethiopia guilt trip…… I’ll give you the milkshake one.

Next time you complain about food not tasting good, just remember that out there… there are children being forced to drink rotten banana milkshakes!  So you should be grateful you even have FRESH FOOD!! OK?!!!   😛

Here are some things that aren’t so putrid but we probably won’t make again without tweaking!

1.  Fried Naan.  We came across 2 different ways to cook Naan – one was baked and the other fried.  We cooked this TWICE and both times were crap!  This one we put rosemary and garlic on.  It’s not the rosemary and garlic… more so the frying and how oily it is to eat that put me off.  You can even see the oil in the picture!

Fried Naan

2.  Baked Naan with Pumpkin and Blue Cheese – title says it all right?  Hahaha  So the baked Naan actually tastes good – this one was baked a bit too much and ended up like a biscuit.  You can blame watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony for that… we weren’t paying attention to anything that was in the oven at the time.  The pumpkin with blue cheese works as a salad (with green beans) but we didn’t have the beans so just ate it as it was….. with the naan.  Can’t say it was a spectacular marriage of flavours so our tip is to make these separately and eat them separately!!

Naan with Pumpkin

3.  Rigatoni with chorizo, squash and rosemary… seriously – how WYSIEWYG is this?? It’s in the title, it’s in the picture and it’s in the taste… What You See Is  EXACTLY What You Get!!  BORING!!

We got this recipe from a magazine under the title “7 meals for £35” (should’ve got the hint then), with the subtitle “make a week’s worth of stylish, great-value suppers”.. it should’ve ended with “… taste them and never make them again”.  OK it wasn’t that bad.. just very bland but bland in a way that adding more salt doesn’t fix.  It seemed incomplete!!  So we added parmesan which didn’t really do much.

A miracle cure for this dish is believe it or not Smoked Chilli Jelly which we so happened to have in the fridge!  Gave it the sweetness and smokiness it was lacking, added depth of flavour with a little hit of spicy!  Turned out nice in the end but you’re going to have to add a few extra quid to your weekly shopping budget!

Rigatoni with chorizo, squash and rosemary.

6 thoughts on “Is it REALLY a crappy meal?”

  1. Oh so funny, banana milkshakes sound delicious, but your mom’s version, not so much. My mom had a version of spaghetti dinner which was basically spaghetti in meat water. It was disgusting and I told her multiple times, but she wouldn’t believe me. She would always feed it to my friends (mortifying) and ask them if it was good. They were too nice to say the truth and so she lived in this crazy bubble where this meal was good. Thank goodness, that was pretty much the only thing that was terrible food wise.

    1. LOL – I would curl up and hide under a rock if my mum offered that milkshake to my friends – thank God that never happened… I’m sure they wouldn’t have eaten it though (the milkshake was a funky beige brown colour). Thing is, Aussie kids aren’t so polite, we had children come over to our house and go “ewwww! what’s that?!” (about any Asian food which was so foreign to them back in the 80’s) so my mum who got ultra offended by this stopped offering anything other than juice and packet bought biscuits!! hahaha

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