Spaghetti with Prawn Head Sauce

I got this idea from when we made Laksa.

As we ended up with a whole lot of prawn heads and shells, I decided to just fry them up, add water, white wine and some herbs to make a stock.  I reduced the stock and put through a sieve, threw away the solids and used the liquid as the base for the sauce for the spaghetti!

Believe it or not, it tasted really good and it’s what gives the spaghetti that pinky-orange colour and contributes to a creamy consistency!

So, remember to add that to your “what to do with prawn heads” list!

……….. what?

You don’t have a what-to-do-with-prawn-heads list?


WELL!! Get with the program buddy!  Time to START ONE then!  😉

What to do with prawn heads… spaghetti sauce

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