Cooking Scallop – an art we have yet to master

Have you ever cooked scallop?  How many times did you have to try it before you got it right?  How many times more before you got it right every time?  We’ve got a few attempts to go…

Scallops with buttered baby carrots and potatoes + salad

Here is my first scallop attempt.  This was right after I watched a whole bunch of YouTube videos on how scallops are cleaned and the crazy Gordon Ramsay on a show yelling out instructions to someone on how to cook a scallop…

In the end, what I understood was

a) nobody says to take off the yellow bit and only cook the white but lots of people seem to only cook the white

b) you should only ever cook the scallop on very hot heat and

c) you should only ever cook the scallop for one minute max on one side, then turn and cook for 45 seconds on the other

SO…. off I went and this is what I got…. ummm kinda burnt and overcooked!  I swear it was only 1 minute and then 45 seconds, I was checking the clock!!  It tasted alright and wasn’t too chewy but seriously, this is one expensive thing to keep experimenting on!!!

Tony gave it a go the next day….

Scallops alla Tony

He kept the yellow bits on.  His scallops turned out slightly undercooked (a bit raw… where we ended up putting some of them back on the pan).  It’s supposed to be better a bit raw than overcooked right?

And that was the last of our scallops… our experimentation will have to continue after our next Billingsgate trip which won’t be for a while longer…


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