Let’s make Pancakes for Breakfast!

Joy:  “I have a grand idea!”

Tony: “What’s that?”

Joy: “Let’s have SAVOURY pancakes for breakfast!”

Tony: “Savoury pancakes?  What do you want on them?”

Joy: “Ummmmm…. let’s put smoked salmon and sour cream!”

Pancakes with Sour Cream and Smoked Salmon

Tony:  “OK!  Let’s do it!”

So off we went to the shops to get some sour cream and salmon… the sour cream was mixed with capers and mustard.  After tasting the first one….

Tony:  “hmmm… it needs something else… let’s make scrambled eggs!”

Joy:  “Yes!  Perfect! Let’s!”

Smoked Salmon Pancakes with Scrambled Eggs

It’s a great brunch guys seriously….. awesome…..


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