Bikram Yoga: What are the lessons worth?

So we’re “really into it” now…  so people have said to us (the few we see anyway).

We haven’t really thought of it  that way… For us, it’s just exercise.

Exercise that we’ve paid for on a monthly subscription and we’re going to make sure that we get value for money!  We figured that the best way to make it cost effective to be paying monthly is to go AT LEAST 3 times a week and so that’s what we’ve committed to.  It seems that people think exercising 3 times or more a week is either

a) excessive

b) obsessive

c) just plain crazy

Our response to that is… ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Surely exercising 3 times a week should be considered simply NORMAL?  Especially considering most of us spend all our time in front of a computer both at home and at work.. that’s over 12 hours of sitting every day!!  That’s like being on a plane from London to Hong Kong EVERY DAY!  Surely you’d need a stretch after that?

Anyway, the cost effectiveness of going 3 times a week (or more) is not what keeps us going.  It’s the lessons we learn by going.

For example, in one of my classes the teacher said that the only reason you can’t do anything is because your mind says you can’t and by practising something each day, eventually you will be able to do it.  This is true not just for yoga but for outside the class.

The thing is EVERYTHING we ever learn in that yoga class is ALWAYS applicable to the outside world and life.  Each class is lessons galore.. finding weakness, finding strength, letting go of fear, pushing beyond where you think you can go, releasing emotions, thanking yourself, being kind to yourself, being present, acknowledging your limitations and trying anyway, learning that every day is different, sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward…. and on and on…

It’s like going to a personal growth seminar in a sauna whilst meditating, stretching and burning calories all at the same time… Mate, that’s value for money if you ask me!


Can we handle situations with a cooler, calmer head than before? YES

Can we twist our ankle severely or twist a previously injured knee while walking on the London streets and still be able to walk it off and be OK?  YES!

Can we look at ourselves more kindly rather than critically?  YES!

Can we eat double the amount we used to before and still lose weight?  That would be…. YES!

Can we look at ourselves in the mirror and be happy with what we see?  YES!

Can we look at ourselves in the mirror and say “How you doin’?”

Tony: YES!

Joy: Hell Yeah!

Is it worth the long walk, the hours taken up going, the missed social gatherings, no TV?


Is that crazy?  Is it obsessive?  Is it excessive?  We say… for you maybe…. but we like that it’s our normal!

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