Tony’s “whatever” meal

When you ask me what’s for dinner (or lunch) on a day that I haven’t planned a meal and can’t be bothered, the answer is “Whatever…”

Which means, whatever I can be bothered to make, which usually results in either onion omellete (fried onion covered in beaten egg on a pan) with rice, tuna (from a can) with rice or a combination of both.  Call it Joy’s baked beans on toast staple… I just don’t eat baked beans on toast.. it’s tuna and rice or egg and rice!!  Do I look bovered?  Am I bovered?

This however, is Tony’s whatever meal….

Noodles, Veggies and Radish Cake

Who knew that you could cook all different elements separately, serve them separately and eat them as multiple dishes together or separately and they’d come out tasting great!!

Nice one Tones!!  He steamed the vegetables and the tofu and put nothing on them, he wok-fried the noodles with soy sauce and sesame oil (and sesame seeds) and the radish cake was bought fresh and just fried.  Amazingly simple but very enjoyable meal, surprisingly satisfying considering it’s pretty much all vegetarian (except for the tiny/minuscule bits of meat in the radish cake).

D’oh!  I’m now going to have to up my game….

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