Bikram Yoga: A time to reflect

Tony and I will be on our 100th class soon!  Can you believe it!  So now would probably be a good time to recap on several things I’ve mentioned in my Bikram Yoga posts and give you an update on them.

Firstly, the beginning, I noticed several ailments namely, crackling joints and bad skin – guess what?  No more ailments outside of class other than sometimes, I feel like I just need to sleep (probably a symptom of the fact that Tones and I do go to bed at 1am most nights).

Do you remember me mentioning that there was a guy dripping in sweat and I wondered whether or not he poured water on his head?  Well, I’d like to now confirm that he indeed did pour water on his head because I had the pleasure of practising next to him in class and was able to witness it first hand.  I can’t believe the teachers let him get away with that… He did it 3 times in one class!! All that extra water just makes it more humid for the rest of us!  Thanks a lot buddy!

I also know I did a whole heap of gas bagging about the coconut water too but then Sainsbury’s had a sale and they were selling for £2.50 for a litre so with that discount, Tones and I decided to buy 10 bottles!  After a huge kerfuffle with their delivery (I’ll tell you about it another time), they ended up giving us a £30 voucher to spend on groceries.  So we decided to buy the coconut water with it.  I have to say, our practice did improve when we had it, it gave us some extra endurance and will power during class (probably a placebo effect) and it was extremely refreshing after class and yes, we did feel better after drinking it.  You could actually taste the sweetness!  We’ve finished them now and since they’re not on sale, we’ve stopped buying them.  For £2.50 we would buy them again but for their current normal price of £3.50-£4.00 for 1L… we still say… we can do without!

And you know that smell I was smelling on me that I was talking about? I know what it is now… It’s GARLIC!!!  We eat garlic all the time (not by itself but in our cooking) so it’s pouring out of my skin all the time.  Do you know how I realised?  I bought this…..

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a) because I thought it looked cool and I’d never seen garlic sold this way before (I know… what hicktown did I grow up in right?)

b) because we needed garlic

I put it as it was, in my bag and proceeded to go shopping for a yoga towel.  The point was, every time I stopped and started picking up things from the rails (obviously, didn’t find the yoga towel but started looking at other things), I would smell the food smell.  I would think.. “Geez am I sweating?  Why do I stink?” but then realised the smell was coming from my bag and would waft up to my nose when I reached out to grab something because at that moment, the bag would open!!

Lastly, we’re on the Bikram Balance now (a reason we can do without the coconut water).  We got some more samples from the yoga studio and then bought some online.  Our verdict?  It’s worth it.  The samples are in no way indicative of what comes out of the actual sealed container.  Drinking the samples again, I thought, yeah it kind of works and I do feel better but the blue one tastes like toothpaste and the red one tastes like cherry flavoured medicine.

However when you drink what’s in the container, it tastes fresher, sweeter and just overall  yummier (no toothpaste taste!) and the feeling afterwards?  Every time without fail…. fantastic.  We always go from feeling tired and exhausted and having worked really hard to bouncing off the walls and full of energy after drinking that stuff.  If you struggle during or after your practice and haven’t eaten well, this stuff will really help!

So… when’s the big 100?

As of today…. Tony’s class count is:91  and my class count is:88

I am going to catch up to him so we both attend our 100th class for 2012 together   🙂  Yay!


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