Catching Up!

Every now and then I make up reasons why I don’t post…. or rather, I forget to post anything because I’m so busy doing other things or is that just another reason?

Whatever the case, I’m well aware that I haven’t updated this blog in the last week and now I have to spend a whole lot of time catching up on it…. not for your interest… but for my memory’s sake!

If you’re interested, then well, that’s just cream cheese icing on the top!!

So… the long and short… Bikram Yoga?  no post this week… Tony today is on his 97th class and I’m on my 94th…. urgh.. yet another thing I have to catch up on… otherwise how will we do our 100th class together?

Food… well aware that we’ve eaten at least 2 week’s of food which I haven’t posted about… urgh.  We made this awesome cheesecake and since I’m sugar intolerant (geez how many times do I have to say this right?)  I’ve been in a bit of a paralysed (muscle ache, sleepy, in bed, grumpy, food coma) state for the last week (we’ve had to eat it every day… and it’s still not finished!  Who’s bright idea was it to make this thing anyway?!?  Yup… that would be.. my bright idea!!)

Events – we went to watch Men’s Wheelchair Basketball at the O2and it was very fun.  I can’t believe I haven’t visited the O2 since I lived in Greenwich… which was all the way back in 2007!  It’s changed quite a bit!

There was a women’s basketball game on there too (GB vs Australia)… WHOOHOO we cheered for the Aussies, our throats were sore, the crowd was all “Go GB” but Australia won!

Other than that, it’s been work work work.  Tones too bless him… he’s been quite stressed lately and this weekend will be his 3rd in a row of working from home on a weekend.  At least the F1’s back on!

So, with a lot to catch up on with posting blogs, a lunch, F1, a “high heel party” and 4.5 hours extra yoga to catch up to Tones (so we can do our 100th class together without him having to wait for me…), I’ve got a HUGE weekend ahead so, I’d better get cracking.  See you on the other side!


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