Bikram Yoga: Psyching myself up for a double? FAIL!

It says it all in the title….

Tony’s now on class 99 (he did that one yesterday).

Me?  I just did my class number 97 last night.  We agreed we’d go and do our 100th class together and I’m letting down the team!!!  I am disappointed in myself because I refuse to step up and do a double  (ie 2 bikram yoga sessions in one day).

My excuses?

a)  I don’t have time….  it takes too long.. that’s like 5-6 hours out of my day including the travel to and fro

b) I’m not hydrated enough, I’ll probably faint in the second class

c) I’m scared (nothing specifically but it’s unknown and I’ve never done it before and my behaviour seems to be like this EVERY time I have to do anything new… I just leave it until I HAVE to do it!  I’m properly behaving like an old person with a VCR Remote Control when trying to tape something!)

d) Only crazy people do 4 x 1.5hr classes in the period of 2.5 days!

SO…  after my 97th class yesterday I decided… no more excuses!  I have to catch up.  Otherwise, Tony and I won’t get our 100th class done on Thursday.  Tony goes on Thursdays usually and I didn’t want for him to stop his routine just to have to wait for me.

I pack my bag, I pack my water, my change of clothes.  I set the alarm for 5.45am (at this time, it’s already 12.30am and I’m so looking forward to only having 5 hours sleep… NOT) but I’m pumped… I’m going to make it.  The plan is to go at 6.30am, which means I have to leave the house by 6am then come home, go to work rehydrate throughout the day and then go again to the evening class.

I’m feeling good, I’m feeling great, I’m feeling wide awake and full of energy.. at 12.30am… and at 12.45am and at 1am….. what the?  C’mon!  How am I supposed to wake up early if I can’t get to sleep???!!!

*snore……*  I don’t know what time I fell asleep but I woke up wide awake and ready to go and it was pitch black.  I thought, that’s ok, I’ll just wait for the alarm and then I’ll get up… the alarm never came.  I lay there awake for God only knows how long and I finally just got out of bed.  What time is it??  It was 5am  GREAT!!  You mean to tell me I’ve been up since 4am???  Well, at least I’ve got 45mins to get a little nap time in ’cause there’s no way I’m going to do a yoga session, function at work all day and get to an evening class by having 3 hours sleep!

I went back to bed and stayed awake for another half hour…. and then, I fell into a deep sleep!  Typical right?  The alarm went off and I could barely open my eyes…. I’ll just snooze for 10mins I say to myself….. then I’ll get up, change and go…. 20mins later I wake up… I’ve missed the boat.  By the time I get ready and leave, it will be 6.10am… there’s no way I’ll get to the class in 20mins unless I run all the way.. totally not up for a brisk early morning run… I actually feel exhausted… well, I decide, there’s nothing left but to do 2 sessions back-to-back tonight…. I’ll just go back to sleep now.

I try to go back to sleep but can only wallow in my disappointment at my  lack of integrity.  I didn’t fulfil on my promise to myself… I didn’t step up.  It took me another hour to fall back asleep…

I was so tired from such broken sleep when I got up this morning that I’m now just psyching myself up to get to a class tonight.  It’ll happen but I doubt I’ll go to a double… my excuses have ruled the day.

Tony is going to wait until Friday.  He says he’s happy to take another day break… I say, I let down the team and he’s compensating…

I’m not going to promise to do 2 tonight… I obviously work myself up too much just thinking about it… I’ll go… and see what happens.

If we do our 100th on Friday… then we do our 100th on Friday… Otherwise, I’ve got tomorrow to get my double in…


By the next time I write, we would have done our 100th (and possibly more) Bikram Yoga class for 2012 🙂

So… I’ll make some extra effort and show you some before and after pics!  Stay tuned!!

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