Funny Friday: Stingray Photobomb & The Wasps

I saw this picture on my friend’s Facebook wall today and it made me laugh!  It totally made my day so I’m going to share it!  Here’s the link:  Stingray Photobombs Tourist

My goal now is to have a stingray photobomb my picture for real and it’ll totally make me scream and freak me out… but it’ll be a fantastic photo!

It will also add to the myriad of stories I have of animals jumping onto me or chasing me and freaking me out…. none of those were captured on film but do make fantastic stories.

Here’s one story I laugh at every time I remember it… I was about 13/14 years old and my brother would have been 9/10 at the time.

I was walking home from school one day and I noticed a wasp near our front gate.  The next day, I saw it again… every afternoon, I noticed that this wasp was there and eventually, there were a couple more.

Me: “Ma, I think wasps are starting to build a nest on our front wall!”  (our gate was attached to a brick wall about waist-high)

Mum: “So what do you want me to do about it?”

I didn’t answer… this was her way of telling me she didn’t care or didn’t want to be bothered with it…

Over a period of time, the number of wasps grew and I could actually see a nest growing underneath one of the bricks.

Me: “Ma!!! There really IS a wasp nest on our front wall!”

Mum: “So get rid of it then!”

I didn’t know how to get rid of it, didn’t know what to do, I figured poking it would only get me stung so I left it…  and it started to grow bigger and even more wasps were hovering around.

Now I was starting to get worried, this was my way home from school every day.  If you went in via the driveway or the other direction, you wouldn’t encounter these wasps but me… I had to encounter them every day and as each day passed, I was getting more and more scared at the numbers of wasps hovering around the place.

Me: “Ma….. I think the nest is getting bigger and there’s lots more wasps around.  I don’t know how big it’s going to get…”

Mum: “Fine!  Get rid of it then! I told you to do that before!”

Me: “Well I don’t know how to!  Why do I have to get rid of it?”

Mum: “Because you’re the one complaining about it…”

She hands me a can of Baygon (fly spray) “HERE!”

Me: “I can’t spray them!  They’ll sting me!”

Mum: “They can’t sting you if they’re dead!”

Me: “YEAH THEY CAN! They can sting me just before they die! And if it’s so easy why don’t YOU do it?!”

Mum: “Oh shut up and stop complaining… HERE!” she finds some mesh and gives it to me.

Me: “What am I supposed to do with this?”

Mum: “Do I have to do everything?!? You put the mesh on top of the nest and then spray through the mesh.  Then they can’t come out and sting you.”

I go outside and try to get the mesh around the wasps nest without disturbing the wasps… it’s not happening.  The area I have to cover is too big for me to hold it up with one hand.

I go back inside the house.

Mum: “Are they dead yet?”

Me: “No, I can’t hold the mesh up”

Mum: “Go get your brother to help.”

So me and my brother go outside.  I hold the mesh up against the wall on the left side of the nest, my brother holds it against the wall on the right side of the nest.

Me:  tentatively, “Are you ready?”

He nods…. I spray the Baygon… one TINY nest seems to have housed millions of them because they all start coming out…and they’re angry… They try to fly out but the mesh stops them, there’s a flurry of buzzing happening behind the mesh.  I freak out and start spraying some more Baygon to kill them as they’re coming out, I’ve emptied half a can onto them and now even MORE come out… OMG!

The only thing that’s keeping them from us… is the mesh which is now all clogged up with Baygon….

I notice that the mesh starts to bend, it wasn’t held taut, and one wasp found it’s way out.

“Arrrrgh!” I scream, “It’s coming out!  They’re gonna follow it! OMG! They’re all coming out!”  My brother sees it, freaks out and screams! “Arghhhhhh!”  Now we’re both screaming and freaking each other out.

He DROPS the mesh and runs around me towards the gate screaming.

“Arrrrgh!!!!!” I scream again because now half the mesh is on the ground and there’s LOTS of dizzy wasps  out in the open, trying to chase after the threat…. ME with the Baygon can!

“Arrrrghhhhh!!!”  I drop my bit of mesh and start running after my brother, he runs through the screen door, through the front door, I get to the screen door and then BANG! He slammed the front door behind him!! In his panic, HE SHUT THE DOOR AND LEFT ME OUTSIDE WITH THE WASPS!!!

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” I start screaming frantically and start banging on the door but he’s run inside and is so happy to have escaped them he doesn’t realise what he’s done until it’s too late.

“Open the door!!!!” I start yelling in desperation, my brother is giggling inside realising what he’s done and fumbling with the door handle to try and open the door “Arrrrghhh!!!!! Open the dooor!!!!” I start screaming and laughing as I hear him giggle but I can’t wait, I’m now terrified and the wasps are starting to go everywhere..!!

“Aaaarrrrrghhhhhhh!” I start yelling again and turn around and bolt out the gate and run down the street as fast as I can, screaming all the way with the Baygon still in my hand.

I end up all the way down the road, on the corner, panting and laughing hysterically by myself just so relieved at having escaped death by multiple wasp stings…

I can only imagine what I must’ve looked like screaming and running in my thongs (I’d like to clarify that, “thongs” is how you say “flipflops” in Australian) as fast I could down the street with a can of Baygon in my hand.

Anyway, I waited on the corner for at least half an hour before coming home and when I got back, the mesh was still on the ground and there were a lot of dead wasps on the ground too.

There were some live wasps flying around but they seemed to be losing altitude and energy.  My brother sees me through the screen door and starts giggling and laughing hysterically while trying to apologise for slamming the door shut behind him, I start laughing too…

To this day I still think what he did was funny (even though I was scared sh!tless the entire time)!! LOL good times!!  😛

Happy Friday guys!


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