That time of the year is almost over!

Hi Guys,

Yes we’re alive.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  You know what it was?  It’s September – October and generally  speaking (based on looking back at past patterns in my life) this time of year for me is one of chaos and really strange energy.  Every year, without fail, something strange happens during this time, and it’s usually not enjoyable!  Now that I’ve realised, I have decided that the best thing for me to do at this time of year is lay low!

It’s almost over though, things should be looking on the up (which is why I’m writing).  Yup, that “time of the year” where chaos in the form of a tornado of bad energy hits my world, is almost over.

So what happened this year?  Not much! PHEW!!! It was more like strong winds this year!  The worst was that I ended up with a racist woman on the bus stretching her eyes out to be chinky at me and then laughing after she did it.

Generally speaking, over the last few weeks during yoga, I’ve had a lot of nervous energy and I’ve been very weak in my practice, almost like I’ve gone back to how I was right at the beginning when I started with lots of pain in my shoulders (and I think I’ve got a pinched nerve or something in my back because I keep getting pins and needles on both arms when I stretch and then they cramp!  I also keep getting pains in my lower back which I’ve never had before).

Tony and I have also had a couple of “arguments” which, believe it or not doesn’t happen much for us except for during my “time of the month” so no surprises that we had arguments a little more during my “time of the year”!

Also we sell things on eBay and the amount of parcel problems we’ve had (lost in the mail, not arrived, arrived soggy and drenched from the rain) is unbelievable!  No problems throughout the year and then now… bam, everyone’s missing their parcel!!  Plus eBay has questioned our listings for policy violation and we’ve collected enough low star ratings in the past month to threaten our Top-rated Seller status!  Argh!! After a year of high policy compliance and good feedback, it annoys me that it’s happened now but it doesn’t surprise me.  If it were ever going to happen, it would happen now because… it’s that time of the year!!  The good we’ve experienced throughout the year has been balanced out by the crap in the last month or so.  It happens!  Thank God that most has been sorted now and the problems resolved and that the time is almost over!

So yes, those things happened but compared to previous years.. this was really NOTHING!!  In the past, at around this time things like the following have happened: losing my job unexpectedly, getting robbed, starting renovations, being REALLY ill amongst other things.  All just really highly stressful situations.

I think from now on, I will go into hiding during this time and not start anything big.  That way I can deal with all the “drama” that comes rather than adding to it!  Considering my track record, I’m really happy with the way “2012’s Time of the Year” turned out!

At the end of the day shit happens and if it happens at the same time of year, year in, year out… then it’s so much easier to prepare mentally for it and so much easier to cope when you know it’s going to happen!!

Anyway, that’s me/us for the last month.  We were going to start a detox but bailed out of it plus we were both having some stomach  / digestion issues so we’re not doing the detox any more.  Besides, it’s getting way too cold to be eating only vegetables!

Speaking of which, do you want to see what was on the menu last night?   Chicken with Chorizo and Potatoes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve cooked this before – it’s simple, really easy but tasty especially when you have good quality ingredients.  You can get the recipe here. I love Nigella!

See you again soon!


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