Bikram Yoga: Before and After 100 Classes!

Yay!  We did it!  We did 100 classes for the year!!  Congratulations to us!

In saying this, there’s a person in our studio who’s on her 300th+ going on 400th yoga session for the year!! Yikes!  How?  She goes every day and sometimes twice a day.  We’re not yet at this level of craziness but who knows, we could be there soon!  I wonder how much she eats because we eat tonnes!!

Our 100th class was completed on Friday 21st September 2012. Sorry it’s taken so long to post this blog, I had trouble with procrastination on sorting out the before and after pics!

So as promised, here are our before and afters!! I’m so embarrassed that I’m actually going to show you my fat tummy which I’d been hiding underneath loose clothing… but at least you know it’s real!  If you want to know what doing yoga consistently will do for you (if you’re considering it) then have a look at my belly.  I wasn’t obese, just “plump”…errr ok, fat….ish.

I have lost weight through no diet changes, just pure exercise and, it was a slow and consistent way to lose weight so hopefully, my skin will have reduced along with my body size!  I’ve still got some more to go but I love that we can still eat what we want and as much as we want and STILL lose weight!  They say you can burn anywhere between 500-1000 calories in that room for 1.5 hours.

It must be true!  Here are the results:


  1. Reduction in circumference of arms (arms used to be as big as Tony’s!), tummy and thighs
  2. Weight loss
  3. Good skin
  4. Increased Flexibility


  1. Leaner
  2. Increased Flexibility

Evident by the pictures that Tony has a way of keeping his body shape and weight the same and consistent however, doing the yoga has made him even slimmer than before.  He seems to be happy with this as he can now start to build muscle without the layer of fat on top of it 😉

PS – how coinky dink is this?!!! This post about our 100th yoga class is actually our 100th blog post!! Ha!! What were the chances?  Crazy!


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