Applebees (our 100th class reward)

So yesterday I showed you all the before and after pics of our improvements in health and well being by doing 100 classes of Bikram Yoga.

Today I show you what we did to celebrate our accomplishment!  We ate at Applebees!  Applebees is a fishmonger at Borough Markets (London Bridge) and was introduced to me by one of my previous bosses.  It’s where he buys his fish for cooking at home and I think he knows the owners.

When you’re not buying fish for home, you can actually eat there!  He chose this place to go to for one of his birthday lunches.  He then took his partner, me and Tony out for dinner there.  It was lovely!

It’s been a long time since then (years!) but Tony and I both remembered that the food was fantastic and it’s very close to where we went on our first date!

So, we practised our 100th class at Bikram Yoga London Bridge and headed here for dinner.  We figured it would be a healthy reward for a healthy accomplishment.  Lucky for us, we made it just as they were calling for last orders!

Here’s the menu.  We had to choose quickly but also knew that whatever we chose would be good!

Here’s what we got:

Softshell Crab and Mixed Appetizers

Mixed appetizers to share
Oyster shots, sashimi, olives with anchovies and blinis with caviar

The dips that came with the appetizers were great.  It was sweet chilli, some delicious thick sweet and salty soy type sauce which I’ve forgotten the name of (tasted so good on the sashimi) and the last was the vinegar and shallots (for the oyster shots).  Also they ran out of blinis so we got caviar on bread (rye?)

Soft shell crab tempura
Soft shell crab in a light tempura batter with a carrot salad

Mixed Grilled Fish Platter with Rocket Salad and Side of Spinach


Mixed grilled fish platter & Side of Sautéed spinach
Selection of finest fish and seafood served with a selection of dips,
hand cut chips or a rocket and cherry tomato salad

Just guessing but we figured we had:  prawn, cod, swordfish, salmon, tuna and plaice.  Tones and I were like “where’s the monkfish?!”  but you know what?  All were cooked to perfection and delicious!

We obviously chose the salad over the chips and the dips were salsa verde, mayo and sweet chilli.

Poached Pear Tart with Hazelnut Icecream

I checked their dessert menu online and this wasn’t on it so they must change their desserts regularly.  This was so yum!  They also have a specials menu which is written on a chalk board on the wall so there’s plenty to choose from.

If you like your fish and you like it fresh, then this is definitely a place you must visit!

Here’s a picture of our proud selves right after the yoga class  😛

Tones and Joy right after their 100th Bikram Yoga Class at Applebees

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