Our healthy 3 course breakfast

So many times we get told that the best way to eat is to have a HUGE breakfast, a medium sized lunch and a tiny dinner.

Logically speaking, this makes the most sense because you eat the largest amount of calories in the morning in order to set yourself up with as much energy to fuel you for your day of activities.  What’s the point in eating so much at night when all you’re going to do is sleep anyway?

So why then do we end up with options for 2-3 course lunches and dinners in restaurants and not for breakfast?

The options are always “All day breakfast” or “brunch” but really, why are there no 2-3 course breakfast menus?

So, Tony and I decided we’d have our own 3 course breakfast at home.  Thought it was fantastic until I looked back on it and realised how little food it actually was!! Ha ha ha!

Surprisingly we were full after this!!

Spanish Pomegranates are smaller than their English counterparts and the seed/flesh/juice is much paler, so more pink in colour than red BUT they taste so much sweeter and less acidic!  Almost like sweet honey / nectar (just more watery than syrupy).  That was 1 banana and 1/2 pomegranate each.

We had 1 corn on the cob with normal salted butter (as much butter as we wanted).  SO SWEET!

We had 1/4 large pineapple each.  It’s so hard to tell when fruits are ripe if they’re not sourced locally (in this case, these Pineapples came from Africa).  We’ve had mangoes stay green on the outside and rot on the inside!  So we cut this pineapple open because it was showing hints of yellow but it was way sour and not ripe enough!  To combat the sour, we added Cornish sea salt.  Yum!

Calorie wise, we didn’t eat much but we ate 4 of our “5-a-day” requirement all in one meal!  Whoot!


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