Bikram Yoga: Me Time

Hey guys,

It’s Wednesday!  Yup… it’s my day to rave on about Bikram Yoga.. whoot!

Right now things have just stepped up a notch in terms of speed and busy-ness for me and now I have less and less hours to get anything done.  As one of my friends often says, “I don’t know my own head from my arse!”  Yep… that’s pretty much what’s happening with me these days.  LOL

Which means I’ve needed the yoga more than ever!!! Yesterday I didn’t go to yoga and I’m feeling really yucky and exhausted now and unable to think coherently.  Yet my mind’s racing and I haven’t done a thing…

I’ve not completed one task since this morning which is why I’m now blogging!!  I’m even feeling bad for stopping to write this blog because of all the other things I need to get done!

I realise that it’s because I’m actually quite introverted and to recharge I need to be by myself.. alone.  So when I’ve been with people all day every day, even if it’s just talking on the phone all day, it really does get me feeling really drained rather than energised.  I also find constant phone calls really disruptive especially when I’m concentrating on something… geez, why can’t people just email?

Then when I have lots of things to finish by a deadline to add to this feeling of being drained, I end up getting myself all in a twist because I somehow lose the ability to “cope” and I don’t have the energy to deal with it.  Then I can’t think straight and I get all flustered…

Don’t worry – from the chaos always ends up some kind of order… I know this and it always happens that I get everything done and all is well in the world again.  It’s just that when I’m in the chaos… I really hate it!!  I get that moment of overwhelm and my brain scatters in all different directions!  And I just need that time away, on my own, by myself to get all my thoughts gathered and in order once again but if I don’t get that, it just snowballs and I end up all “arrggghhh!!!”

I’m not very good with not eating either – seems when my blood sugar levels are low, I get all confused and flustered as well (to the point where I can’t decide what to eat and I spend longer in a daze).  Crazy.  Thing is, I don’t know I’m doing it until I’m well into the daze!

So you know what?  I like that I have yoga… because in that 1.5 hours, I don’t have to talk,  I don’t have to think, I don’t have to worry, I don’t have to send an email, I don’t have to cook dinner, pack bags, clean things, do laundry, answer customer queries, answer the phone, send a text…. NOTHING…. I don’t have to do ANYTHING except breathe and do the poses.  In that 1.5 hours there’s nothing else but me, my breathing, my unwinding, my health, my releasing emotions, releasing stress… just letting it all go!

It’s 1.5 hours a day where I get to be “by myself” and now I realise this is one of my most treasured things.  It might not be as urgent as everything else, but it’s one of the most important things.  After yoga, I always drink Bikram Balance so even if I haven’t eaten properly during the day, I at least know I’m supplementing my body with some good stuff.

I can’t believe I gave that up for everything else yesterday and today.  No yoga, no Bikram Balance either.

Methinks someone has to start prioritising what’s important over what’s “urgent”. ESPECIALLY when what’s urgent is other people’s stuff!!!


2 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga: Me Time”

    1. Hi! Sorry for delayed response. Thanks for dropping by and reading my posts 🙂 I started writing thinking nobody would bother reading but it’s amazing how many people you meet this way and best of all, those with the same interests 🙂 Bikram Balance is a dietary supplement formulated by Bikram. It’s supposed to energise your body (it’s 15+ servings of fruit and veg in powder form, you add it into water and drink it). Tones and I really like it, we do actually feel better when we’ve had it vs not.

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