Bikram Yoga: Hairy Me Epiphany

Hair… Yes, I know a very strange topic to bring up but I have to say that when it’s hotter, both hair and nails grow faster don’t you think?

Anyway, clear to say yes, my nails are growing faster since going to yoga but this doesn’t bother me at all.  They don’t look unsightly when your finger nails are long (if you’re a girl and you keep them clean) and toe nails are easy to cut.

However hair is a-whole-nother ball game.  For an Asian, I actually think I’m really hairy.  It’s really weird because my mum barely had hair on her legs and arms and my dad had no hair on his arms at all!!!

It’s always been questionable about whether or not I was my father’s daughter…. long story… tsk tsk tsk!!  BUT…. thank God for me, my siblings turned out just as hairy as me!  LOL!  We all got the hairy gene!

Right… so, I know it’s a fact that people shed hair all the time but it’s very noticeable in the yoga room ie I walk out of there with a couple strands of hair stuck to my shoulders, back or arms and sometimes, they’re not mine!!!  This I’ve gotten used to.

The thing that irks me is actually more that my hair grows so fast that I have to pluck and epilate more than I ever had to before and I’m really finding it a chore.  It’s painful and it takes up so much time!  Why do women have to do this?  We already go through the monthly pain to practice the massive pain of baring children, now we have to continuously pull hair out of sensitive areas on purpose as well?

So… dare I say it? Hey.. I’m here already anyway, I’ve just stopped and left it to grow.  Yup, you heard me… it’s too much effort and I’m not trying to impress anyone in the yoga room with how clean my armpits are.  I’m there to do yoga.  Plus it’s winter… you’re always all rugged up anyway so no-one outside that room’s going to see.

It’s just laziness and too many other things to do (like blogging) but yes, I’ve left it.

So now, the yoga teacher and anyone who practices near me gets to see my hairy legs and armpits during practice.  Yup… I’m the hairy girl doing yoga.  There, I said it… I figure, it’s Europe!  They won’t care!!

The funny thing is, I saw this lady walk up to the mirror before class, raise her arm and check out her armpit (to see how hairy it was… and it was hairier than mine!) and then walk into class.

I didn’t realise how much self acceptance (and acceptance for others) I had until this point.  I saw her and just smiled to myself… it’s all part of being human (hair that is) and it’s part of being a woman (to grow hair in parts which have somehow become socially unacceptable to grow hair and therefore become self-conscious or embarrassed about it).

I say, screw that… I’ll epilate and pluck when I feel like it and I’m certainly not going to do it more just because my hair grows faster!

I wonder how I got to this point of thinking but then I realised, I get to look into my own eyes for 1.5 hrs in that yoga room and learn to accept and love myself for everything that I am… I learn to accept my limitations and push beyond them to “stretch” myself.  I learn to accept myself when I’m having a bad day, when I’m not on form, when I’m being lazy, when I’m pushing too much and even when I’m “socially unacceptably” hairy!

It’s so liberating!  And when you learn to accept all those positives and negatives about yourself, it’s so much easier to appreciate where others are at.

Who would’ve thought that being hairy in front of a room of 100 people for me would be a lesson in self love and acceptance?   Ah the things you learn just doing yoga!

Until next time, this is hairy me, signing off….



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