Kimi is the bestest!

OK… for all you F1 fans out there – are you loving Kimi or what?

This guy’s seriously legend….

wait for it……

“leave me alone. I know what I’m doing”…..


The Iceman rocks!  Not only do you watch him intensely because he is such a fast driver but he always lets loose (every now and then), a little nugget of his personality.. which if you blink, you miss!!

But when you do catch it… it’ll make you smile for ages!!  He just says the funniest things… like this for instance (his response to being asked why he wasn’t sitting in his car on the grid):

Ha ha!!

For the most part, he’s really flat in his interviews, mumbles and keeps his face expressionless but if you’re a fan, he’ll gift you with some gems like he did in the last race when he answered back to his race engineer over radio:

“Leave me alone!  I know what I’m doing!”

LOL and now check this article (you have to scroll down on the site to see the article)  Man, he gifted a shirt to his entire team!!  I so want one!

Well that’s it really, I just wanted to say that Kimi is a friggin’ legend.  Go Raikkonen for Double World Champion 2013!

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