Bikram Yoga: Come to class with us!

My birthday’s coming soon 🙂  Whoot!  Another reminder of how old I’m getting 😉

To commemorate this special occasion the Bikram Yoga studio I go to is giving me a free class which I can use for myself or give to someone else.

Since we pay a monthly subscription, we get unlimited classes for the month so it’s better for us to give the free class away to someone who can benefit from it.  Tones got one for his birthday but we didn’t use it or give it away.

SO, thought I’d make an announcement here for it.  If you’ve been wanting to go and would like to give it a go then get in touch.

The free class can be given to you but you have to attend with yours truly.  I only have one pass for one class and I only want to give this to someone who actually will attend and use it ok?  It has to be used within the next 2 weeks.

We’ll attend a class with you at a studio in either London Bridge or Balham.  Just email – first come first served.

Joy & Tones



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