Bikram Yoga: New Student, New Teacher

So last week I posted and asked if anybody wanted to take up the free class offer for my bday and come along with us.

And I didn’t get a response on here or FB… thanks a lot guys.  It is evident that nobody we know is reading this blog… or rather, nobody we know is as enthusiastic about Bikram Yoga and more likely, both.

Well never mind, we had breakfast / brunch with a friend who did manage to join us and use the free class and I have to say, she did so well!!  A million times better than I did in my first class.  Both Tony and I are so proud of her.  She said it was tough but she’d most likely go again (when her gym membership is over).  Yeah… BY is definitely not cheap but overall, it was a positive experience YAY! (much unlike the other friend we brought along!)

Can you imagine how happy I was?  We told her to eat breakfast beforehand and finish eating by 2 hours before the class started, we told her to drink lots of water, bring a towel etc etc etc… and she did it all!!   She listened and followed all those instructions.  SO… fellow Bikram Yogis, you can only imagine how well she did in class!!

Yes she can follow instructions!!! In eagle, her arms were exactly where they were supposed to be, she didn’t kick out in standing head to knee pose, she got a bit confused with the grip on standing bow but once corrected, did everything correctly, she rested when she needed BUT I don’t think she rested much, she pushed through and pretty much did every pose!!  WELL DONE!!  So impressed!

Not only that, she turned up on time whereas we were late to meet her…

She also mentioned that:

a)  I’m shrinking and getting really slim

b)Tony is really flexible! ha ha ha!

There you go, some more evidence that what I’m saying is true 😉  You lose weight and get flexible… just that I did one and Tony did the other!

We managed to get a teacher that none of us have ever had so that class was new to us all.  At first the teacher seemed so standoffish and mechanical in her instructions so I was disappointed because I wanted our friend to have a really fun class but when the class got going the teacher started making jokes and it was a much more pleasant class than I had anticipated.

Can I just mention that Tony is STILL a teacher’s pet?  Most of the teachers already know him but this new one made the effort to find him after class (as all the others did in the past) and say to him “You did really well…” etc etc etc  I wouldn’t be surprised if she said “You have a beautiful practice!”

Yes, I’m jealous because I work pretty hard and am a dedicated student but I don’t get the praise that he gets for his practice… 😛

Tony tells me that even though he is very flexible,  when it comes to improvement, I’ve shown more because he started off very flexible already.  It’s true, it’s just not easy to see improvement when you haven’t seen where we started!

Let’s face it, flexibility-wise he’ll always be ahead of me because he started off ahead… so I’ll just have to accept that practising next to him makes me look like a  thick chunk of cardboard trying to fold in half next to Gumby!

It was good having a newby with us because it reminded me of how far we’ve come and it was great to get a new teacher to have fresh eyes to tell us how we’re doing now.  I must say, not too shabby!!


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