Bikram Yoga: Too busy for yoga! :(

Well it’s the lead up to Christmas and if your household is anything like ours, this time of the year becomes pretty hectic.

I don’t even know why, since there’s only 2 of us in our household!!!  It must just be the energy at this time of year and more so this year 2012, it seems everything is just spinning really quickly into the NY and it will definitely be 2013 in the blink of an eye!

So, we’ve been too busy for yoga.  We started going in the evenings only because we’ve both been working during the day. A “bad” week would have us go to class 3 times and a “good” week, would have us in class 5 times.  But this week, I’ve been to class a total of 0 times!!! ZERO!!!  The last yoga session I did was Wednesday last week!!! My back is hurting, my shoulders are cramped and my tummy is bloated.

We haven’t gone to class because it’s been too cold, we’ve had dinners to go to and Christmas parties and errands and eBay sales to deal with…

I don’t think we’ve NOT done exercise enough to gain weight but we’ve not done exercise enough to feel the consequences in our aching muscles and I’m NOT liking it one bit!

We’re both taking time off work soon (as is most of the UK!) so cannot wait to pack in as many classes as possible  to make up for the loss… it will be a Merry Christmas as long as we still get to do our yoga!

If you talked to me this time last year, there’s NO WAY I would have even suspected that we’d be like this at the end of year, total yoga junkies but it’s definitely for the better.  Life is definitely much better with it than without!


2 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga: Too busy for yoga! :(”

  1. hope you guys have a great christmas and have fun in hong kong! by the way, not sure if you see the same ads embedded in your blog as i do. but the one i see happens to be a best buy commercial that a friend of mine is in! pretty funny to see it on your blog!

    1. Thanks Viv – hope you guys have an awesome xmas too! HK is not definite for us yet though I’m sure we’ll have fun if we do go! As for ads… we don’t get ads! I didn’t even know they showed ads on wordpress blogs!! On YouTube we can skip ads (just every 4th video is compulsory to watch an ad and that already annoys me!) Pretty cool to see your friends on them though, I’d watch an ad for that 😉

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