Bikram Yoga: Making Time for what matters most!

So last week I posted about having no time.  This week I’m going to tell you that we made some time… yup we MADE time to do Bikram Yoga.

Speaking of time – we watched the Wizard of Oz the other day and I noticed that the wicked witch gets a sand timer, turns it upside down and says that Dorothy will die by the time the last grain of sand falls through but she doesn’t say how and at the beginning of the movie they explain that the wicked witch can’t get the shoes for as long as Dorothy’s wearing them AND that Dorothy is protected from the witch for as long as she’s wearing them.

So… all Dorothy has to do is keep wearing the shoes and nothing will happen…  so I just spent the rest of the movie thinking, what kind of a threat is that from a witch who can’t do anything, not even take a shower… (gosh she must stink and no wonder she’s green) without dying and melting?  And why the hell is Dorothy crying?  It’s just sand in a sand timer!!!

Then when the Tinman, Scarecrow and Lion “save” her by opening the door to the room where the witch locked her in, they get chased around the castle.  By the time they get caught, the witch is holding up the sand timer and the sand’s already finished running through it… Dorothy was still alive… she didn’t drop dead.  Why didn’t anybody notice this and point this out to the witch?

Then… the witch decides to burn the scarecrow by setting her own broom alight and using that to bring the flame to the scarecrow.. umm why not just pick up the torch?  Why did she set her own broom alight?  Doesn’t she need that to fly?   Man, the scarecrow had more brains than she did.  Argh… kids stories just don’t work on adults.

So back to time.. we seem to be running out of it continuously, but it’s all an empty threat… if the last bit of sand goes through that sand timer, just turn it the other way…   Actually whether you did or didn’t (turn the sand timer), things would keep moving, life would carry on, no point crying about it.

With that in mind, we are now packing in as much to complete as possible before we head off to holidays, including going to yoga, doing laundry, getting deliveries done and just closing off any outstanding issues and whether we do or we don’t get it all done, all that matters is that we did what mattered most to us.

So after my little upset last week about going ZERO times to yoga, I made up for it.  I went 6 times in a row except for yesterday because I had a long day at work (8.00am through to 8.30pm).

So how about that huh?  I let work get in the way of my yoga session once in 7 days but I was exhausted last night and it was -3’C and foggy so it wouldn’t have been fun having to come home after yoga in that weather.

6/7 days, not too shabby if I do say so myself and the best part is, we made time for what mattered most… our health, our me-time, our relationship (Tones and I spend time together each time coming home from yoga, with no phones, nobody else but us and we walk, talk, laugh and tell each other stories all the way home).  Like I said, 6/7 days is pretty darn good 🙂


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