Bikram Yoga: Happy Holidays!

Hey Guys

Long time no write right?  Right.. and that’s because we’ve been on holidays to Florida!  Yup and we’re going to post some “slideshows” up that you will have to grin and bare… we’ll lock the doors and make you sit through the whole lot so prepare yourselves!

OK maybe not.  Let me first start by wishing all of you a Merry Christmas.  Though Tones keeps reminding me that this not very “PC” because some people don’t celebrate Christmas.  So I’m supposed to say “Happy Holidays”.  Surely this shouldn’t be PC either because not everyone can afford to take holidays and are working during this time? AND not everyone is HAPPY during this time?  So now the entire greeting is not very PC.

Soon ALL we’ll be allowed to do is say “HELLO”… but maybe that’s not PC either because it doesn’t cover all languages.

So to all who take Political Correctness way too far… A PC Merry Friggin’ Christmas to you alright?  To the rest of you a belated Merry Christmas and belated Happy New Year!!


We wish you a prosperous 2013 and one (believe it or not so many have wished this for me without even knowing) full of HEALTH as well as prosperity.


Not knowing what you say?  Not knowing that I am currently getting over the flu.  How strange is this?  We’re in Florida, I’m enjoying the sun, it gets cold, all is well EXCEPT on our very last day (the day of our flight) I start sneezing hysterically as I’m packing my bags… I then continue to sneeze hysterically ALL DAY and on the flight.  They say that a sneeze is like an 8th of an orgasm or something… man, if you added all my sneezes that day I would have orgasmed at least 10 times LOL

So.. you’d think I had a good day right?  WRONG!  My sinuses hurt and the tissue between the back of my throat and the back of my nose was getting really raw so I just couldn’t sleep let alone breathe!  I drank so much water to no avail and my nose wouldn’t stop leaking!  I was going to start crying like all the babies on the plane when we were landing because my ears wouldn’t pop and the pressure was building up inside and it was really hurting!!  Now I know why those babies cry… poor things.

By the time we landed, I had a fever.  Tony was not in a good mood having to lug around all our baggage and my sorry self back home.  He’s never in a good mood when I’m sick.. he gets all angry and I always feel like he’s angry at me… he is kind of, he’s angry that I’m sick.

So I spent my new year’s eve allowing my white blood cells to go all Braveheart and Last of the Mohicans on me and have basically been in bed for the last couple of days.


So where’s the yoga you say?  I’m on holidays!!!!  😉

You’ll be pleased to know, we went to yoga while we were in Florida – how’s THAT for dedicated huh?!


And I’m doing all the things I said to do in my blog about “recovering from a cold fast” so, I should be back to it in no time…. let’s hope my remedy works!!

Until next week folks, I’ve got to tell you all about our Florida Bikram Yoga experience 😉


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