Bikram Yoga: Urgh! It’s January!

Can you believe it?!

What? you ask?


OMG!!!  The studios we go to are so busy that they’re all booked out and Tony and I can’t book into the classes we want!!  That means, having to take the risk of just going to the class and waiting in the “stand by” queue and hoping to God you get in, or if not, walking your sorry ass back home without having done yoga for the day because the class was too full, all in the name of what??

All for people’s “New Year’s Resolutions”.  Stupid people and stupid new year’s resolutions… why do they even do it?  Don’t they know it won’t last??? We know they won’t last which is why neither of us make those stupid resolutions….

You either decide to change your life and take the action each and every day of your life or you don’t.

And you don’t have to wait til bloody January to do it that’s for sure!

The other thing is all these people are clogging up all the yoga studios and the machines in the gyms and just putting all the people who’ve been doing things regularly and in their routine out of whack!  URGH!

Stop taking up space unnecessarily!  If you know you’re not going to be around by the time February comes, why the hell did you turn up in January in the first place?

I’m guessing all the personal trainer’s phones are ringing off the hook by the same people who will stop answering their phones when the personal trainer calls in March!

Why am I on a rant again?  Because the 5.00 pm class we went to on a Friday was full like a 7.00 pm weekday class!! Even the 5.00 pm on a Sunday was exactly like a 7.00 pm weekday class, where all the mats were right up against each other and all full.  And now, all the classes are booked out a day or 2 in advance… WTF?!  Now Tones and I actually don’t know when we’ll get into a class this week.  URGH!!

AND I was supposed to write about Bikram Yoga in Florida today but NO!  These new-year-resolutioning-people have also taken up the space in my blog!!! Argh!

Hmm can you tell I haven’t been for a while? 😉

OK… now that’s out of my system….. and I’m all chilled again….

(I turned up to the yoga studio really flustered once because I thought I was late.  I ran in saying “OMG, I’m so sorry, has she started yet?”  and the guy at reception just looked at me and said, “No….  SAVASNA man…. that’s all you need…. just… chill!”  It made me laugh and now, I just remember that event every time I get into a tizzle!)

…if there’s anyone out there who actually is doing yoga and taking up a mat because they’re going to do it regularly for the rest of their lives… good on you!  Keep it up!

For the rest of you, I look forward to getting the space back in February!  Thanks for paying for the upkeep on the yoga studio!


4 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga: Urgh! It’s January!”

  1. That’s so frustrating!!! I can’t imagine!
    I was in a Bikram class last week, that got so full, we just folded our mats in half and kept cramming people in! I’m loving all the New Years Res people. They bring so much excited energy into the studio! But, I’d be angry too if their excited energy was keeping me out of the studio! Regulars should get priority! Lol.

    1. Agreed!! I always like encouraging people to go to yoga or any form of exercise and continue it. The thing with these resolutions people is, they don’t continue and they never have any intention of continuing so it is quite frustrating to see them and not be able to do a class because they’re there! Our thing is, if you want to start… why wait til January? When we started, it was at the end of February last year/early March.. we did it then because we knew it wasn’t just a New Year’s resolution, it was a commitment to change. For some strange reason, people treat New Year’s resolutions like they’re only supposed to happen in the New Year so when January’s over, so is the “New Year” and they’re gone. Funny enough, there were quite a few people who started around the same time as us last year and you know what? We’re all still attending! I still see them around and THAT is awesome 🙂 AS FOR FOLDING YOUR MATS IN HALF… ???? How did you manage to do any pose without hitting anyone??? WOW!

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