Bikram Yoga: West Orlando

Hello Hello 🙂

So, we’re back in London, getting used to the daily grind and “trying really hard” to fit in the Bikram Yoga classes as well.  Evident by my lack of blogging, we’re just a little bit out of whack with getting into the swing of things.  Probably because we still wish we were on holidays!

My last post was a huge complaint about all the newbies who are just doing the intro classes for their new year’s resolutions and filling up the studios so that us regulars have to practice up against a wall or turn up with the chance of not getting in at all!

After this complaint, Tony and I decided to beat them all to it and book our classes a few days in advance.  Believe it or not, this didn’t work either!!!  We found ourselves booking 5-7 days in advance and still the classes we wanted were “full” or reached the maximum online booking capacity and we were instead number 23 and 24 on the waiting list!!!  You can only book a week in advance so, that’s the best we’ve been doing!!  Only once did we manage to move up the waiting list to the “You’re in” status, the rest we just had to leave.  As a result, there hasn’t been much yoga practice for either of us and we’re both grumpy and stressed and I’m sick…again!

We attend a yoga studio that can fit 72 people max (with mats physically side by side against each other) and the other one we go to as an alternative can fit even more… maybe double?? AND yet both are FULL to capacity on week nights!!  So, we told ourselves that we’d just have to be happy with sticking to a minimum 3 days per week if we can, which for the last few weeks have ended up a very squashy Friday night, Saturday day and Sunday day (or in last week’s case a Thursday during the day for me and a DOUBLE on Sunday).

It hasn’t helped that I was quite fluey for a couple of weeks after we got back from holidays, got over it for a couple of weeks and now have started with a new bout of runny nose and coughing.  I actually feel like there’s something wrong with me.  I mean seriously, who gets sick this often?  I reckon I’m just missing:

a) Florida sun and weather (it’s been so grey and rainy in London… and snowy whereas we had sun every single day we were in Florida for 2 weeks!)

b) Florida warmth (26’C in “winter” was wonderful!!)

c) Florida Bikram Yoga (Heaven)

d) Floridian hospitality (they’re all so lovely!)

e) Florida in general (it’s just fun…)

Which brings me to this post.  I’m supposed to be writing about our experience in Bikram Yoga West-Orlando.  Here’s their video so you can see what the studio looks like.

The studio we attended looks like it’s been renovated since the video was made.  When we were there the floors looked like wood (although they were heated and bouncy – kind of like the floors at HBY London Bridge which looks like cement but is heated and bouncy) and all around the room were Himalyan Salt Crystal lamps which made for such beautiful, peaceful lighting for the last savasna of the series.  I also noticed there was a crystal placed on the ceiling.

I realise I’m very sensitive to energies these days.  I tend to stress when there’s stress around me and feel at peace when there’s peace around me and I can definitely say that the Bikram Yoga West Orlando studio is really peaceful and positive.  I just LOVE the energy in there.

Tony and I were talking about how we felt when we went to the classes there and no joke, we performed our best in that room.  We performed in that room, better than we’ve ever done at Bikram yoga anywhere else.  If our London teachers saw us, they’d be like… whoa.. you’ve improved!!!

My standing bow was the best it’s ever been, my energy levels and stamina were off the Richter scale.  We noticed that our practice improved with every visit, we NEVER sat out any postures, even when we’d just gotten off the aeroplane the day before, even when we were eating so much junk food and take away and even though I was starting to bloat from the food and it coming to my time of the month, I still got through every single posture, was able to push and could really say, was STRONG… even camel didn’t hurt!!

I absolutely loved the  Studio.  There was so much space to see yourself in the mirror without even a hint of another person blocking your view, there was enough space to “spread your arms like aeroplane wings and lift!” without hitting another person’s arm, face, head, butt… etc

The showers were free!!! By free I mean, you didn’t have to wait in a queue to have a shower and most people just got in their cars to drive home to shower leaving me 4 showers to choose from.  Each shower was separated, it’s own cubicle with curtain, with it’s own shampoo, conditioner and body wash pumps!! It had it’s own wall with 4 hooks for your belongings, I was so excited about that (here in London it’s a communal shower, with 6 showers and only a pump for soap, only one hook just outside the showers and sometimes people use each other’s towels because they get it mixed up! ewww!).

The teachers and Maria (the owner) were beautiful.  They were all so friendly, hospitable and just seemed so interested in getting to know us.  Maybe it’s because we were foreign but really, I think it was because it’s not so crowded that they can actually take the time to say hello and really welcome you.  The classes had about 20 people (rather than 70) so there was enough time for individual attention and adjustments and they took the time to chat to us after class as well 🙂

In our first lesson in Orlando we were suffering from jet lag yet, we thought that they were really easy classes so our reaction was “pfft… easy peasy!  These Americans are no way as hardcore as the Londoners!” but in subsequent classes the teachers pushed and pushed AND PUSHED!  It was awesome!  I told Tones that I reckon they were just checking out where we were at, before they went to town to see how far we could go!  But boy did we improve.  And Tony got his requisite “You have a beautiful practice…”  LOL  For anyone that wants to know what that’s all about it’s in this post!

Overall it was an excellent experience (so good in fact that Tones actually felt compelled to send them something to say thank you… If you know either of us, we don’t do presents – it took us 4 years of being with each other before we even gave each other a Christmas gift!!  So Tones insisting on sending them something actually does mean a lot and I have to agree with him, it was the perfect icing to our wonderful holiday!) and we are so going back when we visit Orlando again!!

To the Bikram-West Orlando Crew – we are soooooo grateful for your hospitality and the awesome studio to practice in.  To the Bikram-West Orlando Students – YOU ARE SOOOO LUCKY!!!  It’s an awesome studio with awesome energy (it was like everyone was just so happy) and you guys made it that way!

And for people in West Orlando contemplating whether or not you should go… drop into Bikram Yoga West Orlando, they’ll really look after you and it’s well worth it!

BTW – I did a couple of posts mentioning we drank Bikram Balance after classes and someone wrote and asked me what that was.  I just wanted to mention here that they sell it at Bikram Yoga West Orlando so get your tub from there!  You actually won’t know if it works or not unless you try it… so give it a go, we love it (and bought 3 tub/jars from Maria)!


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