Bikram Yoga: The Double

At the beginning of the year, Tony and I set ourselves a couple of challenges.

They weren’t resolutions, no, we don’t believe in new years’ resolutions but we do believe in setting goals or challenges for ourselves.  The happiest people in the world are those who set goals and accomplish them… well, the theory goes something like that.

I’m currently in bed sick for the 3rd month in a row… couldn’t exactly call myself “happy” at the moment even though I have accomplished certain goals!  I might just be pushing myself a little too hard with regards to “accomplishing goals”.

One of the goals was for us to do a double this year (ie 2 x  Bikram Yoga classes in one day – either back-to-back or one in the morning and one in the evening).  Yes, we gave ourselves a whole year to get one double class done.

For a lot of people this is pretty easy but for me, it was something I avoided.  I feel so tired and just wrecked after one class, I couldn’t imagine myself doing another class right after it.  For Tony, it was kind of the same, he just didn’t think he’d have the stamina to do 3 hours of yoga with so much humidity (he doesn’t deal with humidity very well, plus he sweats 3 litres during one class that he was worried he wouldn’t rehydrate enough in time for the next class).

Well, we ended up accomplishing our 1 x double class of the year, a few weeks ago and guess what?  We did it again the following week AND the next!  So we did 3 x doubles!!!

The first time we did the double I was feeling pretty bad in the first 1.5 hrs that I didn’t want to go back in but I promised I’d do 3 classes a week minimum and if I didn’t do this double, I would have not done my requisite 3.  So, forced myself in and told myself to just take it easy.  Even the teacher saw how horribly I was doing the first time around and told me to take it in easy in there in the 2nd class!

I pulled through though, the 2nd class was actually better than the first!  I did much better in my postures and in stamina – I must’ve found a reserve I didn’t know about!  I was definitely floating home that day 🙂


The next week, we did another double for the hell of it, simply because the first experience of a double was awesome.  It didn’t work out as expected… I did well in my first class and basically wanted to give up completely in the 2nd class.  The second class took me back to when I first started doing Bikram Yoga… aches and pains in the arms, low stamina, dizziness, a lot of sitting out postures etc.  not fun! And I was completely exhausted at the end.


The following week, we thought we’d give it a go again… but that week was just way too much.  Both Tones and I had only had 4 hours sleep the night before.  We did the double to make up for the fact that we hadn’t gone the day before and that I’d set myself the goal to do 5 classes of yoga that week.  I needed the double to make 5 (otherwise I would have only done 4).  It was torture.  The teacher saw us both blacking out by eagle pose in our 2nd class that she came around to give us Dextrose during standing head to knee pose!

She offered me a dextrose, I declined.  She offered it to Tony and as he took one, I toppled over.  She then offered it to me again and I took it.  Sometimes I just don’t know what’s good for me!

Needless to say we haven’t done any since.  As it’s the 3rd month in a row that I’ve been sick in bed with tonsils flaring, fever burning, sweat pouring and snot a clogging, I dare say, I’ve pushed myself beyond my physical and emotional limits yet again (this is life I’m talking about now.. not yoga) and I need to take it easy and I need to learn where my limits are… you know, push to strain not to pain?!!


I tell you what benefit there is from me being sick in bed?  I blog! 😉

I must rectify this, otherwise every time I want to blog, I’ll just get sick! BTW, I’ve only JUST gotten sick (ie I was fine in the morning yesterday, started sneezing yesterday evening and I’m in bed today).  Hopefully I’ll be over the worst part by tomorrow!!


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