The Detox: Decision

Have you ever talked to people who’ve done a colonic cleanse?  They talk about it with such passion don’t they? LOL!

I was fascinated by the concept of a colon cleanse and wanted to do one but thought that a jet of water being sprayed into my colon via what’s supposed to be the exit wasn’t exactly my idea of cool or fun.

However, there are other ways to do a colon cleanse and I could definitely see the benefits of clearing out all the old gunk that might have gotten stuck in the colon over time, so we’ve decided to do one.

I guess the size of the intestinal tract depends on the size of the person (and which source you read from) but a human intestinal tract ranges from about 7.5m – 10.5m long.  Can you imagine how much food, over 30 years, has entered and passed through 10.5m of intestine before exiting?

Considering that drains and water pipes need to get cleaned and unclogged every now and then, it would make sense that chances are, bits of “gunk” have started to clog up our intestines and they probably need some clearing!

Now, before we get into the great Mucoid Plaque debate let me just clarify this for those not in the know.  The idea is that you drink a combination of Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk mixed in water (called a “P&B Shake”), every day for about a month whilst eating a “clean” diet (no wheat, meat, sugar, dairy or processed foods).  

The Bentonite Clay is supposed to absorb toxins as it travels through your system (you can’t digest it).  The Psyllium Husk is added fibre to help the clay move along and exit your system – you need to drink LOTS of water.

The debate is about what happens when you take a P&B Shake.  Many  people claim they’ve removed “mucoid plaque” from their systems (old, stinky, dried up waste that have clogged and lined your intestinal walls over time and are preventing you from absorbing nutrients from the current food you’re eating) while others say it is just clay mixed with husk coming out.

Regardless of which it is, I can say from my experience, that it does the trick.  To detox is to clear your body internally of toxins and it does exactly that!

The clay and psyllium goes in like grey, odourless water, neither are digestible and so technically should come out the same (less the water) but they don’t.  Instead, whatever comes out is stinky, dark brown with a rubbery consistency and is so much better out than in!  If the clay has gone brown because of all the disgusting toxins it’s absorbed then GREAT!  Those are toxins in the toilet and not inside me! 

And so, we start our detoxing journey which I will document here.


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