The Detox: Day 2


We continue to eat wheat (bread, pastry), meat (chicken fillet burger, pork sausage rolls, chips with tomato sauce) so the diet isn’t exactly “clean”.  Also I woke up last night from smelling really bad breath… my own!! 

Have you ever gotten that really strange tiny yellowish-white bits of solid (like bits of rice or plaque) from the back of your throat, smelt it and it stinks like bad breath?  Multiply that smell by about 30 and this was the stench I was smelling.  I woke up and spent the rest of the day smelling that smell… it was coming from the depths of my gut, how does one have such bad breath?  No amount of mouthwash or toothbrushing was masking it, it was HORRIBLE!!  I’m glad it was the weekend and nobody but Tony was around to speak to me!

By 3 pm I wanted to nap, AGAIN.  Instead I stayed up, went to yoga and pretty much died in class.  I was absolutely exhausted and wanted to just fall asleep as soon as the class finished.  I spent much of my time in class dizzy.

Weight: 47kg

P&B Shakes: 1

Waste:  Solid


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