The Detox: Day 3


Woke up feeling completely exhausted although the bad breath smell has dissipated, thank God.  I think my breath is back to normal, slightly bad but nothing like yesterday!

The day was energetic after going to the toilet.  My stomach however is very bloated and by 17.00 I was really sleepy again.

Diet today was better consisting of rice, fish, fruit, nuts, vegetables.  I did however eat some “rice sticks” – these Indian food snacks (like crisps but with Indian spices, the Indian version of prawn sticks I suppose?).

Weight: 47kg

P&B Shakes: 1

Waste:  Slightly dehydrated, sharp stomach pains just before excretion.  The first of the “mucoid plaque” has been eliminated – I’m surprised it’s happened so quickly!  It’s taken 3 days for the bentonite clay to pass!


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