The Detox: Day 10


I cannot even describe the tiredness and exhaustion I feel.  It’s like doing this detox and yoga at the same time pretty much takes up more energy than I’m putting into my body and sleep isn’t helping.

The diet has gone back to pescatarian (fish and vegetables), we drink 1000mg vit C and all B vitamins from our little “Emergen-C” sachet as well as “Bikram Balance” but this still isn’t enough to keep energy levels up.

I actually gag at the thought of having to have another P&B Shake.  I feel dehydrated yet have to run to the bathroom only to pee like I’m a broken fire hydrant.  We also now officially have a poo stick specifically used for poking poo to see if any mucoid plaque exists in it… gross right?

I do not feel inspired or compelled to continue.  By now we’re supposed to have increased the P&B intake to 3 or 4 times a day but I just can’t get myself to do it.

Weight: 47kg

P&B Shakes: 2

Waste: 3 times before 2 pm – I’m impressed!  Couldn’t tell if I had any mucoid plaque


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