Meaning of Maintain:  to keep something at the same level or rate, to continue, to preserve.

The detox died a quick death when a friend came over from overseas and stayed with us.  We went out, we ate plenty, all the beer in the fridge disappeared and soon enough we were back to working, stressing and eating out.  Detox was not maintained.

Anyway this is the story of my life.  Who needs roller coasters when I constantly create them with one thing or another?  First I’m doing something, then I’m not, then I’m doing it again, then I’m not.  I’m great at starting things, I’m great at finishing things but maintenance?  What’s that?

This is where I’m at.  Maintenance.  My nemesis!

I have reached a time in my life where it’s a plateau:

  • Yoga is 2-3 times a week and there has been no improvement, none visible anyway (weight, body shape or poses) and I find I’m taking a very lackadaisical approach to my classes now.
  • Detox is an on and off thing.  We did it for our health but we didn’t do it properly, couldn’t even commit to it for 2 weeks!  So looking at it from a health perspective – in general, we’ve been good eaters (organic vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, fish) with the occasional going out for meat and alcohol.  Again, no improvements on my health front, I haven’t gotten a cold for a while but I’ve recently started getting hay fever.  I haven’t had the morning sneezing since I got to London 8 years ago but I’ve started now!
  • Home, we still live in the same place we’ve lived in for the last 5 years.  I like having that kind of stability (after moving 9 times in 1.5 years at one stage in my life) but as with lots of things, I’m getting bored of the same old, same old and I’m letting the dust accumulate everywhere and leaving the place a complete mess all the time.

This happens with EVERYTHING I have to maintain.  I loathe making an effort to keep something exactly the same! When I make an effort, there should be an improvement!!  Don’t you think? Well this is my expectation and so when I make the effort and don’t see any improvement for what feels to me like a long period of time, I get upset and I stop making the effort.  What’s the point? Right?

I have now come to realise that not making effort usually means a regression, that standards drop or, a complete elimination of something from my life.  For example,  my yoga poses are getting worse or my body feels stiffer and I get fatter, I get hayfever, I live in a pigsty and my general attitude becomes one of… “eh… who cares?”

Well, after months of being on this plateau and not doing anything (including blogging.. couldn’t maintain that either!)  I got an answer to my question, “who cares?”… I do!!

I have to care, it’s my life!!  It’s my body!  It’s my home!!

I care about whether or not I regress in yoga.  If this is my best, the most I can do then I want to keep it there, not get worse!  Who wants to get worse at anything?  Sure I’m not a contortionist for Cirque du Soleil but that wasn’t my goal when I started this.  It was for general health and well being.

(Somewhere along the line, I saw so much improvement that I had “grandiose delusions”… I was going to become Asana Champion and contortionist for Cirque du Soleil! Well, not really but I did think I could go quite far with this. But hey, if this is it, it’s still pretty good and I want to keep it there.)

I care about whether or not I live in a pigsty.  I am not a pig (although some may argue this statement) and so, I should not live like one.  Ha… pigs probably live a much cleaner way than I do right now.

And I definitely care about my health.  I love my life and I love having the energy to live it!

SO… I’m going to make some changes and I’m going to blog about it.  That’s right, I’m going to embrace maintenance if it means keeping my standards high and keeping me at my best.

I’m grateful for the plateau because it got me to this point…

A plateau is fantastic because it provides the opportunity for rest, reflection, magnificent views and time to get the energy and volition to go for the next level (even if the next level is maintenance!).  Time to step up and set a new standard!



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