Vacuum vs Juicer

So last time I mentioned that I’m upping the standards in our lives and to do that the first thing we need to do is make a decision.

How am I going to up the standards?  What will I start with first?

The Romans back in their heyday were VERY picky about being clean.  They bathed, exfoliated and removed body hair meticulously.  The Ancient Egyptians too in their heyday were extremely clean and believed in both internal and external cleanliness.

So this is what we decided we were going to start with… cleanliness inside and out.  So now to our decision… what do we start with first?  Internal cleaning or external?  Body? or Home?

Both at the same time would be great however, there needs to be the financial means to do that and Tony and I do not like spending beyond our means for immediate gratification and currently we are putting money aside for us to get our British Citizenship.  Therefore at this stage we can only purchase one or the other… Vacuum or juicer?



Our living space… external cleaning and no small feat.  The place is small, only 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 room for lounge, dining and kitchen together – sounds relatively easy but that is precisely why it is so difficult to clean.  Even though we got rid of a lot of our things when we first moved in (given them to charity and sold them on eBay).  The problem is that after 5 years, we have amassed a huge amount of things again and have now stuffed them into every nook and cranny that exists.  

To add to this, I decided a while back that I would sell things on eBay and now have got boxes and boxes of stock piled up everywhere as well.  I have created a cluttered home and a cluttered home collects dust.   It’s not easy to clean dust if you have to constantly move boxes (some heavy) and furniture around to get to the nooks and crannies so I’ve left it.  Yes, I dropped my standards, no need to repeat this… I’m making a change now ok?  😛

We recently researched the vacuum cleaner we wanted to buy and it will set us back approx £300.



Now…  we’ve also been doing some research into juicing and cleaning out your insides, by doing a juice fast.  Apparently, although you feel horrible for the initial 3 days, your energy and vibrancy will improve and increase after that.  

Fasting is something that has been practiced by humans since the dawn of time.  It has also been incorporated into so many religious practices.  The 5 biggest religions: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism all have times of fasting as well as feasting but for some reason in this new day and age those of us who do not follow religious rituals strictly, will feast but will not fast.

As with all dichotomies, one cannot exist without the other, without having some sort of dire consequence and you only have to look at the state of obesity all over the world to see just how many people have feasted without fasting!

Now, we’re not sick and we’re not fat but energy is very low and we know for sure that fasting would bring our energy levels up!

We have researched which juicer we want and that, also, will set us back by approx £300.

Eventually we will have both but for now, we have budgeted only for one of those purchases.  So which one should we purchase first?  The vacuum or the juicer?


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