Round and Round the Mullberry bush, we finally chose the Juicer

We made a decision between the juicer and the vacuum and the decision was the Juicer!

The reason why it’s taken so long to report back on this is because it took us a week to decide, a week to re-research, a week to part with our hard earned cash and well, up to now, we are still waiting for it to be delivered because it’s on back order!

I’ll definitely show you when it arrives! ūüėČ

The Decision

Either way, we were going to have both eventually.  However, the decision for which to get first, came down to the fact that we have too many boxes sitting around making a mess and I therefore had to sell everything and clear some space so we can have room to store the vacuum cleaner!   We therefore decided that juicing while selling things off would be the best way to start.

The decision was made pretty quickly but Tony likes to “sleep on it” to make sure he’s happy with the decision and I like to procrastinate on anything that’s good for me.

Chances are, the more I procrastinate, then the more I actually need that thing. ¬†In yoga, they say that the posture you hate the most is probably the one you need the most… ¬†ummm yeah, that sounds about right! ¬†So, the juicer it was.

The Research

So here’s where we went ’round and ’round the Mulberry bush. ¬†Choosing a juicer is actually quite difficult!

The different things we considered were:

1. ¬†Time & Ease – how much time would it take to prepare the fruit/vegetables, make the juice and clean up afterwards? ¬†Some juicers were quick to juice but took ages to clean while others took ages to juice or require you to take longer preparing the fruit into small chunks prior to juicing but relatively quick and easy to clean. ¬†Some looked complicated to put together and had too many bits and pieces to take apart before cleaning. ¬†I don’t like the thought of having to put a puzzle together before making my breakfast!

3.  Size & Colour Рaesthetics is important but to us it was more a matter of width and height due to our small kitchen and minimal storage.

4. ¬†Versatility – what can it juice? ¬†Some juicers can juice fruit really well but are not so good when you want to juice leafy greens, some vice versa. ¬†Others can also do nuts and soy beans so you can make almond “milk” or soy “milk” as well!

5. ¬†Nutrient retention and taste – this was and still is the most important factor for us. ¬†After all, if we’re using the juice for fasting, we’ll be going for days on only juice and we’d therefore want to enjoy the flavour and receive the highest level of nutrition we can get from the fruit and veg we are juicing.

Our initial research led us to want the Hurom Slow Juicer. ¬†It’s a great all-rounder and it’s easy to clean. ¬†We’d already done quite a bit of research on juicers by this point and the decision was now just, which model of Hurom to go for.

THEN Heston threw a wrench in the works with his Sage Nutri Juicer and we started reconsidering.  Damn it Heston Рwhy do you have to be so cool?

After that, we were back to the drawing board. ¬†To add to this, we have seen the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. ¬†If you haven’t seen this, it is highly recommended! ¬†

We really like Joe Cross and were inspired to do some kind of juice fast because of his documentary and guess which juicer he uses? ¬†The same juicer that Heston’s recommending!

Now, being Aussie and the fact that he got results with his juicer, we’d take Joe Cross’ recommendation. ¬†And being people who love food, we love Heston. ¬†In fact, we love Breville appliances and have them back home so when Joe said that the Sage juicer was exactly the same as the one made by Breville Group Australia… WELL, that and a recommendation from both those people… you’d think would put the final nail in the coffin!

Except… ¬†Heston mentioned that “Sage” had invented the nutri-juicer. ¬†Joe made his documentary while using the Breville/Sage juicer long before Sage released the juicer in the UK so it’s been in existence by Breville Australia long before Heston put his name on it. ¬†I watched that Sage clip thinking that bloody Heston had something to do with the making of that juicer, that his “science behind food” had influenced the making of this juicer but it turns out he’s just the show pony used to sell it! ¬†Granted, he couldn’t say “Breville” because the Breville company in UK is different to the “Breville” anywhere else in the world… but this did make us start asking questions.

Is this juicer really the best? ¬†Does it really retain 70% of the nutrients? ¬†Who says? ¬†Heston? ¬†How do they test this? ¬†How much juice do you get from 1 apple from that juicer in comparison to the amount of juice you would get using another juicer? ¬†It’s centrifugal so does the juice separate afterwards? ¬†He only compared the time it took to juice something, not the final result. ¬†How much force is required to juice something with this juicer? ¬†Do you really just pop it in? ¬†Or, do you have to push it down? ¬†Is there more froth than juice (shows aeration)? ¬†How long does it take to clean up afterwards? ¬†How dry is the pulp in comparison? ¬†Does the masticating juicer also retain 70% of the nutrients? ¬†If so, other than being “faster” what makes this juicer better?

We saw a clip where Joe Cross recommended you drink the juice immediately, rather than storing it and drinking it later. ¬†This led us to believe that the centrifugal juicers are still doing something to the juice which ruins the integrity of the final product so it doesn’t keep or taste good if you don’t drink it immediately. ¬†Whereas juice from a masticating juicer can keep for up to 72 hours and will still look and taste the same over that time.

As mentioned before, the most important point for us in making our decision was nutrient retention and taste. ¬†The other thing is, if we are doing a juice fast and have to take juice to work, then, we need it to keep. ¬†I mean, we’re not really going to carry this juicer with us everywhere we go are we! ¬†It’s much easier to carry around a container of juice than the juicer – especially when you don’t have a car!!

We found the OMEGA juicers and then the OMEGA Vert and looked through more and more juicer comparisons.  What we found was that over and over again, people who tried the juice from a masticating juicer vs a centrifugal one would ALWAYS pick the juice that came from the masticating one for colour, consistency and flavour.

Let your eyes and taste buds do the choosing I say! After all, it’s food, it’s nutrients and it’s this end result we’re looking for.

So… what juicer did we end up going with? ¬†The Hurom HU-100 (as per clip above)! All that extra research to end up back where we started. ¬† I tell ¬†you what it did though, it’s made us so much more excited about juicing that we are actually really looking forward to doing a juice fast and can’t wait to get our juicer!!

We even bought a 2 Litre sealable container so we can make more juice and see if it really does last and maintain its integrity in taste and colour for 72 hours!

We can’t wait!!


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