Bikram Yoga: New Studio


It’s been a while since I’ve posted about yoga but it doesn’t mean we’ve stopped going!  In fact I will be on my 250th class very soon.  Tony has already done his 250th class whereas I take a  break for several days every month for female reasons so he’s ahead by about 6 classes and I need to catch up!  But when I do, we’ll be due for another “before and after” photo shoot so make sure you look out for those!

The latest we have to report on the Bikram Yoga is that we’ve switched studios.  Yup, we’ve given up our membership to the regular yoga studio we go to in London in favour of one that is much closer to us (10 min walk vs 30 min walk away).  We figured this would help us with trudging to and from the yoga studio when it’s snowing or raining or windy or a combination of those and so far so good because temperatures in London have dropped to freezing and the less time we have to spend outside the better!!

All I can say for now is that the studio we go to is AWESOME and the best Bikram Yoga studio I’ve been to in London (although, there are way more studios than I’ve ever been to so, this claim is open to contention)!  This new studio reminds me of the yoga studio we visited in Orlando, Florida!  It’s spacious, bright, comfortable, welcoming AND the bathrooms have got both communal and private showers.  It’s got the latest state of the art heating system which measures the amount of carbon dioxide present in the air and pumps in oxygen to regulate and ensure there’s ample oxygen for everyone at all times during practice.  The temperature is kept at a constant 42’C and the humidity at 43% all through the heating system and vents (no need for the doors to be opened and closed) so you get a nice and even roast in there  😉

So far so good, I’ve come out of every class feeling wonderful (as opposed to feeling completely knackered and wanting to crawl home because I don’t have enough energy to stand)!

The downside is that we now don’t get to see any of our favourite teachers who we’ve grown accustomed to and love but we get to meet new ones and experience different classes with them.  So far, so scary!!!  One of the teachers we have is a recent yoga champion (like this year or last year)… another is a yoga championship judge… eeek!!

They scare me but as always, Tony has gotten his requisite “you have such a nice practice” comment.. actually, not quite.. they’ve now just gone so far to say as… “Tony, please can you demonstrate this posture for us?”   The other day, we did a class where a photographer was in the room the whole time and Tones managed to get the mat right in front of him!! hahaha

I, on the other hand, was far deeper into the room and behind a teacher so chances are, I wouldn’t be in any of the pictures 😉

I’m so proud of Tony… I’m married to a future Asana champion I tell you!!

I’m going to take some pictures of him doing some of the poses and you can see for yourself if he’s yoga champion material 😉   Better yet, if they publish any of the pictures they took in the studio while he was practising, I’ll make sure to post those up!!


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