So remember when I told you we got a juicer?  Here’s the update.

The novelty has worn off.  We were at one stage juicing every day and substituting one of our meals (usually dinner) with a juice each and every day.

We’d get home at about 10.30pm after yoga so a liquid dinner high in nutrients with minimal digestion required was ideal.  This way  we weren’t going to bed hungry but weren’t bloated either.  Surprisingly, you can get very full on juice, really quickly!

After about a week of this, we both started craving things like meat and sometimes bread so we were either having withdrawal symptoms or maybe we just weren’t consuming enough calories.  I couldn’t ignore the cravings because we were both getting quite tired after yoga and narky as soon as we got hungry and Tony started looking very skinny to me.  Now that it’s getting cold, I was very worried that we wouldn’t be able to keep ourselves warm this winter so I ended up purchasing bags of frozen chips, hashbrowns, onion rings and to top it all off, I also bought 2.5 kg of pork belly for roasting!

The food bill was not affected by whether or not we were juicing.  It all evened out in the end since fruit and vegetables are generally cheaper than meat.  During the time we were juicing, we were eating less meat and during the time we bought 1/4 of a piglet, we didn’t need to eat as much to get full and feel satisfied.

These days, we’ve balanced it all out so we juice occasionally and by that I mean 1 juice every 3-4 days to accompany a small meal rather than 1 juice per day as a meal.  We also eat pasta, rice, potatoes and bread along with occasional meat (2-4 times a week rather than every day) and we’re finding this is working well so far.

So what have we learned from having a juicer?

  • Cabbage is absolutely disgusting when juiced – if you are going to add it, make it minimal otherwise your juice will taste like freshly mown grass!
  • Celery and leafy greens (even when you’ve taken as much of the stringy bits off) tend to clog up the juicer quite a bit so you need to chop them into small pieces before feeding them into the juicer.
  • Our fastest record juicing was done in 15 mins (wash, cut and juice fruit and veg for 2 people, approx 1L) not including washing up time afterwards.
  • Washing up takes a while, especially since we really like using the fine pulp screen, because you have to scrub it with a toothbrush.
  • Juicing a bit of mint and/or ginger works magic, making your juice taste that much better!
  • Trying to use the discarded fibre from the juicer as a veggie patty doesn’t work.  It’s absolutely tasteless!
  • The juice is best drunk on the day it was made.  It is absolutely delicious!  We put some in a container and left it in the fridge overnight.  The next day, it tasted just like the “100% juice” carton juices you would find on the supermarket shelves.  That may be nice to most people but once you’ve tasted these just squeezed juices, everything else is sub-par.   Somehow the juice tastes “alive” when you drink it straight after juicing and if left for a day, it tastes “dead”.  It’s not easy to explain but we will not be going back to carton juices ever again.
  • Using a masticating juicer with fine pulp screen, some soft pulp still ends up in the juice (which we pass through a sieve before drinking the juice).  We’ve tasted this soft pulp on it’s own and were excited to discover that freshly squeezed apple, pear, grape, carrot pulp…. all taste like and is the same consistency as baby food!

Here is a picture of our favourite juice.  I’ve taken pictures of exactly what went in, what it looked like prepared and how much juice it yielded.


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