Bikram Yoga Posture Progress Pictures: Standing Head to Knee Pose

My nemesis pose.  It’s the one I just cannot do and see least improvement on.

It’s supposed to test patience and determination and a posture more about the mind over matter.  What does this say about me?

It says…. I believe myself when I say “I can’t”….. it could quite possibly say I have no determination and allow myself to be intimidated by the posture but on the flip side, it says I am the most patient person in the world!!

The head is still not on the knee as the title of the posture says it should be, but we’re getting there.  Tony can do it for a couple of seconds but because he couldn’t hold it, he felt it wasn’t a true indication of where he was at and chose to show a picture he felt was as far as he could go without falling out.

Here’s our progress.  Unfortunately we didn’t take pictures when we first started but following is an honest estimate of where we started (pictures on the left) vs where we are now (pictures on the right).

Dandayamana Jaushirasana (Standing Head to Knee Pose)

One thought on “Bikram Yoga Posture Progress Pictures: Standing Head to Knee Pose”

  1. We call this the “10 year pose” at my studio… For me it was more like the “15-20 year pose”. I used to get really angry seeing new people pass me for Y E A R S in this posture. Just keep at it the right way and don’t be so hard on yourself! ❤

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