Muscle Testing Smoothies

Remember that Superfood Smoothie I posted about last week?

Well, the recent update on that is that instead of doing a shotgun technique and adding ALL the superfoods we could find into one smoothie and drinking that every morning (which we did for a while), what we’ve started doing instead is to muscle test each morning and only put into the smoothie, the superfoods that we need for that day.

Why?  Because Superfoods are expensive and we only want to take them if we need them.  The thought of consuming something you don’t need seems a bit of a waste!

So, each morning before making the smoothie, we do a little muscle test.  If we test strong we include it in the smoothie, if we test weak, we leave it for the day.

All we are doing is allowing our bodies to tell us what they need and it’s interesting to see how varied the needs are every day!  Sometimes we barely need anything at all and other times, we need a whole array of things.  More often than not, I need different things to what Tony needs.

We muscle test with our eyes closed so that we don’t allow our own thinking to influence the result.

Things we’ve noticed:

  • The feeling of “brightness” or feeling “awake”.  It’s like we’re just that little bit more focussed and can think that little bit more clearly after drinking the smoothie in general.
  • When we’ve included muscle testing however, we actually feel “stronger” once we’ve had the smoothie.
  • After drinking the smoothie, we’re always full for about 3-4 hours, which usually takes us to lunch time without requiring any snacks in between.
  • We’ve also had the energy to get through a day of work and our yoga classes without feeling like dying (even if we’ve only had 3-4 hours sleep several nights in a row).
  • The only thing we seem to need on a daily basis is Bee Pollen… how about that?

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