Christmas 2013

Being in London without family means we often celebrate an “Orphans’ Christmas” in London, where you get together with a bunch of people who also don’t have family in London and have Christmas dinner with them.

Failing that, you become one of the many who just travel out of London to spend Christmas somewhere warmer (like Florida or Tenerife) and the rest just travel back to their home countries to spend time with their families.

Last year we spent our Christmas at Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Dinner at a Drive In and Christmas Lights at Disney Hollywood Studios
Dinner at a Drive In and Christmas Lights at Disney Hollywood Studios

It was awesome!  We had so much fun!  Can you tell? 😛

This year however, Christmas was back in London and yes, it was dark, gloomy, cold and very different to what we did last year!!  However, we made the most of it.

Here’s a snippet:

Christmas Lights

This year we made a point to walk around and take pictures of the Christmas Light decorations around London.  Below are pictures of Leicester Square, Regent St, Carnaby St, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford St, Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park and even a picture of the Christmas lights in our local area.

Christmas Lights in London 2013
Christmas Lights in London 2013

Basket Brigade

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without participating in the spirit of giving!  So this year, we decided to contribute by participating in the London 2013 Basket Brigade.  It was the biggest one in the UK, many volunteers turned up from 7am and we all came together to help make and deliver over 3000 Christmas hampers for individuals and families in need around London.

London Basket Brigade 2013
London Basket Brigade 2013

Pre-Christmas Dinner

After a day of Christmas giving, we spent some time with London friends at Joe’s. Dinner consisted of shared starters, a main and dessert which not only cost us the same as what we spent for our entire Christmas Dinner shopping (good to feed us for the week) but also was enough food to last us the entire week which we ate all in one night.

Here are the pictures from left to right, top to bottom we had…..

Poppers Stuffed with Cream Cheese, Corn and Monterey Jack Rice Balls, Slow Braised Beef Brisket Chilli Cup with Corn Tortillas and Sour Cream, Southern Fried Wings and Joes Chicken Wings, Whole Soft Shell Crab with crispy Cajun spiced vegetables and Cajun mustard, Sides of Southern style Mac’n’Cheese and Collard Greens, Prison Plate: pulled pork, bbq’d butter beans, Joe’s slaw, rice and toasted flat bread, New Orleans Vegetables Gumbo with cornbread muffins and rice and for dessert we had Pecan Pie with Jim Beam cream.

Dinner at Joe's
Dinner at Joe’s

Needless to say, it was enough food to put our Christmas Eve Dinner plans out of whack.  Tony and I were going to make a massive dinner on Christmas Eve but we were still so full from Joe’s the night before that we had to put the big dinner making off until Christmas day!

Christmas Dinner

Christmas day was quite fun.  Tony got me Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii and we spent our day jumping up and down playing this game while we cooked the goose.  While it was my turn to dance on the mat, Tony would wash the potatoes.  When it was his turn to dance, I would be peeling and cutting the potatoes!  It worked very well this tag team thing.  Not only was it fun, we also got the dinner made!!

We had roasted chestnuts, Honey Glazed Ham, Roast Goose, Gravy, Roast Potatoes, Gingered Carrots, Brussel Sprouts, Mulled Cider and Black Forest Gateau 🙂

Tony & Joy's 2013 Christmas Dinner
Tony & Joy’s 2013 Christmas Dinner

Hmmm, evidently we went a little overboard and over compensated for the fact that we didn’t go on holidays…. Now that I’ve put that photo collage together, I’ve realised just how much food we ate! oops!

Don’t worry! We have left overs!! We didn’t eat it all in one night!

Merry Christmas All!


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