Bikram Yoga Posture Progress Pictures: Standing Bow Pose

I get the impression that everybody loves this pose because it’s pretty.

I think that depending how you do it, it either makes you look like an elegant, graceful, ballet dancer or an ice axe / land oil rig.

The great thing about these pictures we’re taking is that we can see the posture from another angle (one not directly in front of us) and it helps to see where all the improvements are required!

I hated this one in the beginning.  The simple act of placing my foot into my palm sent pins and needles through the arms and shoulders.  I even went through a period of my hands and arms cramping up during this posture and I’d have to let go and shake them out.

It didn’t become “comfortable” (if you can ever call it that) until well after 6 months.  Up to now, almost 2 years in, my shoulders still make loud pops when I’ve kicked up and back, pulling them out of their sockets!

Once the shoulders released their tenseness, I found this posture more enjoyable.  Although I still experience pain while doing this posture, I definitely attribute the reduction in my beefcake shoulder shape to a more feminine one, to this pose and for that I love it.

I still remember how excited I was when I first saw my toes pop up above the top of my head in the  mirror!  These days I’m looking forward to seeing my knee above the top of  my head 😉

Here’s our progress.  Unfortunately we didn’t take pictures when we first started but following is an honest estimate of where we started (pictures on the left) vs where we are now (pictures on the right).

Dandayamana Dhanurasana (Standing Bow Pose)


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